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Tomorrow’s interview will be with Henry Melton, grandmaster of YA books going back 40 years.

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This is going to hurt, but it’s for your own good.

How many couples in your church are divorced and remarried?

I’m not talking about your pastor (although that is also an issue today), but about the people sitting in the pews.

In his first (extant) letter to the Corinthian church, Paul was very clear on this. Remarriage is not allowed in the Christian churches. Read Chapter 7, he’s clear that this is not a command from Paul, but from God. Remarriage following divorce is not allowed in the Christian churches.

No, I didn’t write “divorce is not allowed”. Paul wrote that there were circumstances where Christians could divorce. If a partner became a Christian and the other did not and the non-Christian left, the Christian was free to remarry. The reason for that is simple. God covenants with a man and with a woman separately to make a marriage. They then covenant with one another before a body of witnesses. Non-Christians lack the ability to make covenants with God. So a marriage between a Christian and a non-Christian is not a godly marriage and the covenant is one sided. The Christian is required by God to hold to the promise they made to God, but the non-Christian is not, so when the non-Christian leaves, the Christian (having fulfilled their promise to God) is now free to marry, though Paul is clear they should only marry Christians.

The other circumstance is if a Christian couldn’t stand to live with their spouse any longer (as happens in cases of abuse or unremittant adultery), they may elect to separate, but they are to remain unmarried unless reconciled to their spouse.

There are no other alternative excuses for divorce or remarriage.

No – the “God wouldn’t want me to be unhappy” argument is not found in the New Testament. God is more interested in your character than your comfort. Human marriage is meant to reflect the marriage relationship between Jesus and the Church. Paul sought to teach the Corinthian church (which existed in a society with similar sexual attitudes to America and Europe today) how it might reflect its relationship as the Bride of Christ through how its members conducted themselves in their marriages.

Yet, today, divorce and remarriage statistics inside the churches are not substantially different from what they are in secular society. Woe unto us, Church, and until we get that straight, we really have no business pointing a finger at the world about its sexual immorality.

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I want to thank Breakwater Harbor Books for inviting me onto their imprint, and especially Scott Toney for helping with promotion of my online launch this morning. I think it’s been highly successful so far and a big part of that was waking up this morning to find Scott had been about his business.

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The Willow Branch: Book 1 of The Daermad Cycle

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