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Daermad Cycle

71rYAYxfZsL._SL1500_A healer must mend a fractured kingdom and unite two warring races before a greater greater enemy destroys them both.

Fate took Prince Maryn by surprise, leaving Celdrya fragmented and leaderless. Arcane magicks and a vengeful Celtic goddess swept the land into chaos, driving its sole remaining heir, Donyl, into terrifying flight. A century later, the fragments of the alliance have devolved into a sqaubbling mass of petty fiefdoms so centered on their internal struggles that they pay no attention to the looming danger that threatens all Daermad.

The Celdryans have earned their distrust, but recognizing a common threat, the Kin resolve to help the part-elven healer Padraig find the One’s True King. Padraig’s quest will take him the length of the kingdom while the young black mage Gregyn discovers his own untapped potential, the dishonored soldier Tamys seeks his way in the world, and the powerful Kin sorcoress Ryanna…

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Daermad Cycle

71rYAYxfZsL._SL1500_Storm Clouds

Among the many curious groups of ardents to be found upon the land, I encountered a group in northern Blyan who call themselves “Chrystans”. I thought at first that they were an Old Faith group that had wandered from the main, but soon realized that they worship but one god and hold it sacred above all others. They say they were thus when they came through the portal with us. Certainly they live like Celts except for a few odd religious practices that seem to color their daily living, but I am doubtful they ever trod the soil of Gawl. I believe them to be of Rune, since before we came here to tame the land. They are some form of wild folk, not true Celts at all.

Sedd of Odal, Scribe of Bel (FY 521)

Founding Year (FY) 931 – Summer – Dun Celdrya

Celdrya’s capital city…

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Daermad Cycle

Front Cover UpdateFate (Chapter 1)

As a tree’s leaves are nourished by the roots, the present is established in the past. The history of the kingdom is older than the lives of man. We are upon the land only a moment and then depart, leaving others to learn anew lessons our fathers grasped. The map of the kingdom overlays an older land, but none remember it so. The true king descends from God, not the king in High Celdrya. Celts, ignore that strong truth at all our peril!

Gwenedd, Druidess of the Christian Celts (FY 448)

Spring in Founding Year (FY) 931 – A Century Ago

Fate took Maryn ap Trevellyn, crown prince of all Celdrya, by surprise. Naught warned him that he’d been marked. Deryk ap Fyrgal camped with him in a wood off the King’s Highway between the coastal city of Llyr and High Celdrya on a pleasant eve following…

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I am tired after launching Life As We Knew It, so am a little disorganized this week. For that reason, here is a quality reblog. I am actually still asking the question – What do we fear nuclear energy?


The US nuclear power industry currently generates about 20% of the nation’s electricity, but it faces an uncertain long-term future. No nuclear plants have been ordered since 1978 and more than 100 reactors have been canceled, including all ordered after 1973. No units are currently under construction. The Tennessee Valley Authority’s Watts Bar 1 reactors, ordered in 1970, were licensed to operate in 1996 and are the most recent US nuclear unit to be completed. High plant construction costs, public hysteria about nuclear safety and waste disposal, extremely complicated regulatory compliance procedures, and environmental lawsuits are just some of the challenges that face the American nuclear industry.

Construction costs of reactors completed since the mid-1980s range from $2-6 BILLION, averaging $3,000 per kilowatt of electricity-generating capacity. Plants have mostly been custom-built. The industry predicts new plants could be built for half that if identical plants were built in series, but…

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I’m doing something a little different. This week’s interview is with Michael McCormick as part of his blog tour through Elite Book Promotions.

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Image result for image bottle of champaign broken on a ships bowLife As We Knew It launches today and you are invited to the on-line launch party of the series that was debuted on this blog.

Come give the book a good send-off for a successful journey.

I’ll be hanging out all day to say “howdy” to folks. The coffee’s on and I have some pastries. There will be visits by some of my characters. I’ll be giving away five books to folks who hang out with me in exchange for honest reviews.


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A small town in Kansas is suddenly without power, cut off the Internet and cell service, told by Homeland Security to activate emergency protocols. Then the news hits — terrorists have hit several cities around the country and clouds of radiation are headed your way.

What would you do?

“Great characterizations!” Avidbookreader – Amazon review.

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Front Cover UpdateLast year, I published The Willow Branch.Front Cover Final 1.27.15


Not long after that, I read a blog article that said “Don’t be a 1-Book Wonder.”


So, enjoy Life As We Knew It.

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Transformation Project

Life As We Knew It  Ebook now available on Amazon. Look for the paperback next week.

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Transformation Project

Front Cover Final 1.27.15In 2008 Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. Within days, someone was circulating a video of Michelle Obama telling some ladies garden luncheon that we were going to have to change our culture and our history to go where her husband wanted America to go.

There are a lot of things Barack Obama has done since becoming president that has changed how we do things in 21st century America, not the least of which is now appears to be okay to drop drone missiles on American citizens without benefit of trial and my medical records are now pretty much available for anyone with moderate hacking skills to read. My white dred-bedecked barista now feels free to intimate that my husband is a racist, my adult (ish) daughter can get a free phone and stay on the family medical insurance until she’s practically middle-aged, and Alaskans…

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