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I used to work with a lot of open borders folks, though most of them were not libertarians. We would go round and round about it because I would call them on their BS. Most of them owned property and would call the cops if I set up a camp in their backyard, but they couldn’t see that illegal immigrants were essentially doing the same thing. So when I see an argument that is well-reasoned, that picks apart the open-borders argument, I like to post it. Lela

Open Borders in THIS World
By Bionic Mosquito
April 15, 2016

Merkel’s open borders pronouncement is the gift that keeps on giving in this libertarian debate about borders and immigration.

I understand quite well the theory of immigration in a theoretical libertarian world. Property owners decide who is allowed on their property (it is interesting – many open-borders libertarians are also the first to demand that a property owner cannot decide regarding things like baking wedding cakes and taking wedding photographs). Any unclaimed / unowned land is available to whoever wants to mix his labor with it.

Source: Open Borders in This World

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