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Open Book Blog Hop – 10th June   1 comment

Stevie Turner

This week’s topic is:

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

Having a husband and two sons definitely helps when I write about characters from the opposite sex. Two of them (Sam and Leon) are the alpha male types, practical, abrupt and down-to-earth, and the other one (Marc) is rather more sensitive, arty and musical.  I know how they think, and sometimes even what they’re going to say next. As for what they feel I can only guess, as the two alphas tend to be stoically silent on that front, but Marc has a brain very similar to my own.  We’re like two peas in a pod.

Yes, sometimes my male characters say exactly what my husband or sons might have said.  I also dredge up memories of my father, also grandfathers, uncles, male cousins and male work colleagues to help me form my…

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#OpenBook – “Masculine Energy” and The Woman Writer   Leave a comment

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Writing Characters of the Opposite Sex #OpenBook Blog Hop   Leave a comment

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Blog hopping, let’s talk about sex.   Leave a comment

Now that I have your attention, let’s get on to this weeks topic.

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What Business is It of Ours?   Leave a comment

Wow, I wrote this before the 2016 primaries were even decided. I think I did a brilliant idea of capturing the situation and, really, not a lot has changed if you’re actually paying attention.


Long-time readers of my blog know that I am a registered non-partisan with conservative leanings who does not consider the Republic Party to be representative of conservative values.

This year’s election is pretty much cinching my belief that political parties in general are not representative of my values and I’m starting to see why my anarchist friends don’t vote.

So, over on the Republican side, Donald Trump keeps winning the popular vote (WHY? Oh, why, oh, WHY?), but Ted Cruz is starting to pick up delegates because the Republican party regulars understand what a Trump candidacy would do to the Republic Party. All across the media and in half the web sites I visit, people are lamenting that the Republican Party is ignoring the will of the people.


The GOP and the Democratic parties are both private entities that you must be a member to influence. I chose…

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Open Book Blog Hop – 3rd June   Leave a comment

Stevie Turner

Today the topic is:

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?’

Well, I’m still spending it, and how they love me for it!  I’m slowly adding all my books to Ingram Spark and advertising them in their ‘Advance’ catalogue.  This catalogue goes out to bookstore buyers, and I’m pleased to see that most mornings when I check sales I sell one or two books.  I’m doing this slowly because it’s $49 to set up a paperback, and then another $85 to get it added to Ingram’s sales catalogue, and so each month when I receive my wages from the hospital I use some of it to publish another book on Ingram Spark.

Of course I also paid out for ISBNs, so the pounds are adding up, but I hope it’ll be worth it in the long run.  One morning I checked, and somebody had bought…

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Talking Finance, Blog Hopping.   Leave a comment

Another in the series of Open Book Blog Hops, this week, we’re talking about money.

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