What If Syria is Serious?   Leave a comment

I know a lot of people don’t think messing around with a little bitty country like Syria is that dangerous, but ….

A couple of years ago, I read “One Second After”, which tells the story of a North Carolina college town that must deal with the aftermath of a electro-magnetic pulse that takes out pretty much every bit of electrical generation in the nation. The end of the book leaves the perpetrators unidentified, which drives home the message that the US is extremely reliant upon our technology and would not be capable of retaliating should something like this occur.

So, when I hear Syria saying they will retaliate if the United States and/or the United Kingdom attacks them, I sort of wonder ….

They don’t need ICBMs to hit us. They just need a ship and a SCUD missile. Those are already available. Iran probably already has them.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you couldn’t flip a switch to turn on the lights long-term? How would you see at night? Wash your clothes? Wash your dishes? Get your news? Heat your home? Get to work? And where would you like to be when it happens?

I’m finishing up a series and throwing some ideas out there, but then I think I’m coming back to this because if Syria is serious, we may all be in trouble and we’d better start thinking ahead so some of us can live through the consequences.

Posted August 29, 2013 by aurorawatcherak in Common sense, Examined living

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