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Let’s get something out of the way at the outset – the gray wolf is a species that comes in many colors of fur from black to white and every shade of gray and tan. In some parts of the country, they’re called timber wolves. They are second only to humans in adapting to climate extremes and once ranged from coast to coast and from Alaska to Mexico in North America, except in the Southeast, where the red wolf predominated and in the large deserts of the Southwest. Although pack alphas mate for life, younger wolves of both sexes may disperse from the pack to find a mate and form their own pack and they are not necessarily monogamous prior to that bonding.

Your family pet canine is 99.8% gray wolf and can, if a comparable size, mate with their wild siblings. Think about that the next time you sit down to eat a steak in front of Fido.

Gray wolves are rebounding in the Lower 48 after being listed on the Endangered Species List, but they have never been endangered in Alaska. They occasionally hunt humans during times of scarcity. They do not actually act like the wolves in “The Gray”, but they do attack humans occasionally.

When I was in junior high (early 1970s), we had a high snow year and wolves, finding it difficult to hunt game in the deep snow, came into the outskirts of Fairbanks and took several pets. They also stalked a friend and her brother as they were walking home. Their family dog – a wolf-hybrid – defended them and died of his injuries.

It’s happened enough in Alaska that we don’t think wolves are good neighbors.

Another village caught a wolf on video tape a number of years ago trying to carry off a child who was rescued without serious injury. And, attacks on dogs – especially when chained – is common.

When the wolf is available for examination, they are often found to be quite healthy, with good fat stores.

So when environmental groups wail over Alaska’s predator control program, Alaskans are less than interested in hearing it. When wolves overhunt their own resources, they start hunting us or our pets and that makes us, like every other prey in the world, less than warm and fuzzy toward them.


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