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Front Cover UpdateSomeone wanted to know about the cover for The Willow Branch, which is a good time to talk about cover design.

“They” (the celestial body of supposed experts) say the front cover is as important has what is inside the book. I agree. It’s the best advertising I have. You also can’t judge a book by its cover … except when you can. The Willow Branch can definitely be judged by its cover.

First, it is a portion of a painting that dates from the 1800s that I found in the public domain. Why did the painter decide to depict the moon as so large? I don’t know. Maybe he was a moon gazer like my husband. It suited my story and that’s all that mattered to me.

Because the book hadn’t made any money yet, I was determined to find an image that wouldn’t cost me a lot of money. I also wasn’t as familiar with desktop publishing programs as I am now. I hadn’t encountered and I couldn’t afford Photoshop. So finding this image was a boon because it relates to the story and is striking. I couldn’t find an artist, but I did find a date and it was well before the copyright laws.

I tweaked the image for my use. I got rid of some portions of the painting that didn’t belong in the story. Then, just before I published, I discovered, so I worked some other magic to change image a bit and boost the dpi. That resulted in a slightly more oval “moon”, which I kept because …

If you read the story, you’ll learn that the “moon” shines at the wrong time of the month, suggesting it isn’t actually the moon, but is something extremely sinister.

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There are five more days to promote my Thunderclap campaign. If I reach 100 supporters, the campaign goes forward and a single pulse message goes out across the social media universe suggesting people read The Willow Branch. I already have a reach of over 20,000 and I only have 13 supporters.

Clearly I need many more — 87 more!

Which is where you come in.

Follow the link and support my campaign. And, thank you in advance!

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There are six more days left in the campaign to recruit at least 100 supporters for The Willow Branch. If I reach the goal, I can get broad exposure for The Willow Branch as participants agree to let their social media accounts send out a coordinated pulse of support.

I can’t do it without you. It’s easy. Follow the link, follow the instructions. Thunderclap does it all for you once you agree to support the campaign.


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Preparing to Print   1 comment

Front Cover UpdateI’ve spent the last two weeks formatting The Willow Branch for print.

I’m not a perfectionist. As I’ve said before, I worked in the mental health field for 15 years and professionals tell me I have a high commitment to quality that does not quite tip over into perfectionism.

If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right because I want my readers to enjoy not just the story, but the process of reading the story.

That was a lot of work!

Today, I finally got to see the digital version of The Willow Branch in print.

I knew I had it in me to design a professional quality cover without resorting to a professional designer. Not everyone can do this, but I’ve been involved in desktop publishing in a professional capacity for a long time. I just didn’t expect it to be so hard to meet CreateSpace standards and it turned out, it wasn’t, but that their auto vetter was confused for reasons they aren’t explaining. So, after three uploads that threw errors and an email asking why I kept getting the same error message that didn’t make sense (no, really, my front cover image is really truly on the right and my back cover image is really truly on the left), I got to see the result today. It’s one thing to see it in a flat image on my computer and another to see it in 3-D view.


Full Cover for CS

I’ve ordered my proof copies and hope the paperback will be available by Thanksgiving!

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This is a test. Feedback would be appreciated.

The Willow Branch

Mending a Fractured Kingdom   1 comment

Padraig, a part-elven healer, must mend the fractured kingdom of Celdrya and reconcile his mother’s race with his father’s, healing old animosities before a greater enemy can destroy both peoples. Contending with forgotten history, vengeful Celtic goddesses, warring human factions, and racial and religious bigotry, he is compelled to find the True King amidst a land torn by war and disease. With all that distraction, a man might meet the True King and not even recognize him.

A healer must mend a fractured kingdom and unite two warring races before a greater enemy can destroy them both

Look for it this fall!

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