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Bears and the Federal Shutdown   3 comments

Nine days into the federal “shutdown”, I finally encountered a potential inconvenience.

The White Mountain National Recreational Area is just over the ridgeline from our family cabin. It’s possible we share the same bears. We certainly have an aggressive grizzly in our valley.

And, now the federal government is not hauliing away the trash from the bear-proof garbage bins and the bears are snacking at the wilderness equivalent of White Castle.

“Sweet” bears — those who have been habituated to human food — are more dangerous than truly wild bears. It’s remotely possible that these bears might someday wander across the ridge into my valley and attempt to eat me … which is one of the many reasons I own a gun.

Of course, this is actually easily dealt with. Just give me the key to the bins and send me out with someone carrying a shot gun and we’ll haul the garbage out and seal up the bins so humans won’t keep using them and put signs on them saying “Haul your trash”.

This is, by the way, what we do at our cabin. We haul our trash and police our food. Alaskans have been doing this for generations. It was the NPS and BLM who brought in the bear-safe bins and tempted us to use them. Prior to that, we were smart enough to not attract bears.

So, I promised I’d report when I encountered an inconvenience. I haven’t yet, actually, but potentially — maybe — someday — but it didn’t need to be in the first place.

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