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Racism is a Two-Way Street   Leave a comment

As the title suggests, this article is not really about the US attack on Iran. Issues rarely exist in isolation and sometimes when we talk about one issue, we find other issues that need to be addressed.

President Trump just (probably) started an unnecessary war with Iran that will only make the situation in the Middle East worse. I’ve criticized him for it. It’s not a winnable war and it just creates bogeymen for the Iranian regime to use as a recruitment tool.

President Barack Obama

In discussing this, though, I’ve been clear that we’re not helped by criticizing President Trump while excusing the very similar actions of prior presidents. As the most-recent former occupant of the Oval Office, President Obama’s actions are open to criticism. Trump, acting under the War Powers Resolution, didn’t seek congressional approval because he doesn’t need to for 60 days. I disagree with any president using that power absent a direct assault on the American mainland, but that’s what exists currently.

Obama wanted to go to war in Syria and asked Congress to approve a 60-day foray into a country that had no history of attacking US forces. Congress declined to authorize the war and Obama then proceeded to arm the Al Qaeda factions that became ISIS and dropped thousands of drone missiles on Syrian targets. The US Congress didn’t declare war, but I’m pretty sure the Syrian people felt they had. There’s nothing like a drone missile coming through the roof of your house and killing you as a declaration of war. That overrules a vote of Congress every time.

But, as I alluded earlier, the situation in the Middle East is not really the subject of this article.

President Donald Trump

My even-handed criticism of the similar actions of two presidents prompted an accusation of racism. I couldn’t possibly think President Obama was a genocidal monster for dropping thousands of drone missiles on civilian targets unless “there’s some racial element” in my thinking. I would have loved his economic policies if his skin were white. Yeah, I would have been fine with that $6000 annual increase in health insurance premiums if it had been caused by a white president’s policies.

It is impossible, especially on the internet, to counter allegations of racism. My private life speaks for itself. I live in a very diverse state, have friends of all races, and nobody I know personally thinks I’m a racist. But these days, on the internet, you’re guilty until proven innocent and there’s no exculpatory evidence you can present that will convince the ideologically-possessed of who you are in real life. We’ve all become monkeys throwing poo at the bars of our cages and don’t engage in reasoning if you don’t want to risk getting some on you.

I’m withholding flinging poo and continuing to reason instead.

Racism is more varied than we realize

Racism is treating another person differently because of the color of their skin. Racism doesn’t look at anything as more important than skin color in determining the character of the person being evaluated.

Racism is not specific to race. White people can be racist toward people of color. Black people can be racist toward anyone who isn’t black. As an American Indian, I have heard many of my cousins make clearly racist statements about both whites and blacks. Increasingly in our modern times, some white people actually sound racist toward whites. It’s the whole “privilege” argument — that just because your skin is pale brown, you somehow have a better life and the societal skids are greased for you toward success, ignoring the very real barriers to success created by affirmative action that provide legs-up for minorities.

Anytime you treat another person differently because of the color of their skin you are showing racism.

Why can’t we criticize Obama’s warmongering?

Why do some people who loudly object to Donald Trump’s largely unprovoked aggression in the Middle East refuse to criticize Barack Obama’s very real history of unprovoked aggression in the Middle East?

The US has no vital interests in the Middle East. We should continue to peaceful trade with Middle Eastern countries but stop our military and covert interference there. But in order to do that successfully, we need to acknowledge that our warlike behavior has been promoted by successive presidencies. It’s not a Republican problem or a Democratic problem. Both major political parties are warmongers. We need to be able to criticize all of those who promote unnecessary wars equally based on what they did or are doing. To be critical of presidents with white skin while giving Barack Obama a pass because his skin color is dark brown — that’s racism.

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Democrats Now the Bloodiest War Party   1 comment

Image result for image of hillary clintonThe Democratic Party has moved from being what you might call a reluctant war party to an aggressive war party with its selection of Hillary Clinton as its presumptive presidential nominee. With minimal debate, this historic change brings full circle the arc of the party’s anti-war attitudes that began in 1968 and have now ended in 2016.

Since the Vietnam War, the Democrats have been viewed as the more peaceful of the two major parties, with the Republicans often attacking Democratic candidates as “soft” regarding the use of military force.

Source: Democrats Now the Bloodiest War Party

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The First Ever Congreswoman Was the Anti-Hillary Clinton | Daniel Bier   Leave a comment

“I felt the first time the first woman had a chance to say no to war, she should say it.”

Source: The First Ever Congreswoman Was the Anti-Hillary Clinton | Daniel Bier

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