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Russia Accuses US Mercenaries Of Inciting Civil War In Ukraine   Leave a comment

Russia Accuses US Mercenaries Of Inciting Civil War In Ukraine.

I suspect this is the pot calling the kettle black, but the kettle is plenty black.

May I suggest that Russia has been fomenting civil war and so have we? Why would we be shocked that this would be the case? Where else have we done this?

How about the entire Arab Spring?

Prayer Request   Leave a comment

Two ladies from my church asked for prayer request this morning. They are from the Ukraine. They both remember living under Soviet dominion and both are supportive of the current protest movement in the Ukraine. They asked for prayers that God will be present in the current turmoil.

I do not believe that God is necessarily on one side or another in political struggles. I’m not even sure if God had a side in the conflict between Hitler and the rest of the world or the colonies against the English. I believe that God sometimes allows Christians to live in crappy circumstances because it grows our faith in a way that liberty does not. He can use persecution for our good.

Nadia and Magdalena would like prayer that the Ukrainian government turn away from Russia and toward Europe. I understand their desire. Russia in its guise as the Soviet Union was very cruel to the Ukraine. Stalin instituted programs that caused the starvation deaths of 20 million in the bread basket of the USSR. Ukraine has suffered enough under Russian rule. Ukrainian Christians were especially hard-hit by the Soviet atheistic policies. I understand where these two ladies are coming from and it’s not a wrong place.

But ….

I’m not overly convinced that Europe is any more sympathetic to Christian faith and I am very much aware that European neglect of faith appears to be more faith-killing than Russia’s atheism ever was. Just look at the numbers if you don’t believe me.

So my prayer is that the individual Ukrainian who is a Christian will submit his or her own will to God’s will and choose the path that God would have him or her follow and that those who are right before God would stand in exactly the condition that God has deemed they should stand in, including the government they are meant to support, with an attitude of acceptance of God’s will.

While my personal choice would be to live in a nation that understands liberty, I’m willing to admit that may not be God’s choice for me or for anyone else. Ultimately, it must always be His will that is done and not mine … even if I don’t agree. While I might hope that what I write leads people toward joining the struggle for reestablishing liberty in the United States and elsewhere, I am also open to the leading of the Lord that this might not be what He has in mind for me or anyone else.

For now, this is the right thing to do within the boundaries of my faith, but if He tells me otherwise, I’ll let you know.

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