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‘A Deadly Wandering’ takes a sharp look at the fatal consequences of texting and driving   Leave a comment

‘A Deadly Wandering’ takes a sharp look at the fatal consequences of texting and driving.

I agree with the reporter that distracted driving is a very dangerous thing. I avoid doing it. I don’t even talk on the phone hand-free while driving, because I consider it distracted driving.

However, I feel the need to point out that though states did not have specific laws banning texting while driving, they did have negligent driving laws that could have been applied.

Are the new laws specific to texting a better option? No. It is now against the law for me to look at my phone when stuck in the 10-minute-long traffic snarl that forms on my way home every evening. Several times, I’ve had a text come in while I was in that snarl (or before I get to it) and, knowing that I wasn’t going anywhere for several minutes, I’ve looked at it. I have a canned message that requires two buttons to respond “Driving now.” My family knows not to text back, that they’ll hear from me when I can pull over. The alternative to reading that text in the snarl (what Fairbanks has doesn’t really qualify as a traffic jam) is that I receive the message after I get home. Instead of a short detour to pick up milk or medication on my way home, I will now undertake a lengthy gas guzzle to return to the store for that item.

Looking at my phone while at a complete stop is not negligence, but it is treated the same as if I were weaving down the road at full speed.

In the meantime, we do nothing about the nitwits who follow their turn-by-turn navigation across the runway of the Fairbanks International Airport.

That’s negligence, folks! And we really need to recognize that we don’t need specific laws banning a specific activity to get a handle on negligence. We just need to use the laws we already have on the books.

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