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Granny with a Gun   Leave a comment

I try to post these when I see them — times when ordinary citizens protect themselves, their families or strangers with a gun. This is exactly the reason why gun control is a STUPID idea.

Common Sense on Home Invasions   Leave a comment

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Food for Thought   Leave a comment

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I Want a Gun   1 comment

A friend of mine attended this training at UAF that, coincidentally took place during the San Bernardino shooting.  It was all about appropriate response to gunfire in the workplace.

Active Shooter TrainingMy friend came away from the “training” more convinced than ever that he (and his wife who also attended the training) both want to be able to conceal carry on the job at UAF.

They are prevented from doing so by stupidity. After this training, they spoke with several of their coworkers, most of whom agreed that hiding just makes you a sitting duck and fleeing just makes you a moving target. Hiding might work for you, until you’re found, at which point you need a gun to keep from being killed.

What is it about this that we don’t seem to get? These shootings almost always happen in gun free zones. What if the people in those zones were no longer helpless victims, but people with the means to protect themselves?

We can’t know for certain because we haven’t tried it (yet), but we can extrapolate from Clackamas Mall, Trolley Town Square and New Hope Church that a potential victim with a gun can stop a shooter. In all of these cases, and there are more than just this three, people ignored the “no guns allowed” sign and took their guns in anyway. In all of these cases, the carnage of a mass shooter was reduced because these people stepped up and pulled their weapons. In two of these cases, the brandishment alone was enough to cause the shooter to turn his gun on himself, even though he had a clear intent to continue shooting many more people.

Yet our solution is to continue to do what we’ve done in the past — disarm citizens so that they have no choice, but to be victims of a shooter. I hope it never happens where I am put in that position, but if it ever does …

I want a gun.

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When A Post Just Keeps Going   Leave a comment

I wrote this over a year ago and from time to time, I log in and see a bunch of people have visited it that day. I don’t know what triggers that, but it’s cool. A lot of the stuff I write here is an attempt to get people to think. I am not always sold on everything I write. I reserve the right to change my mind based on new experience.

But I won’t change my mind about guns. When I was in junior high school my 95-pound mother scares three large aggressive men away from our house by brandishing her 357. They went down the road and raped a classmate.

A woman was stabbed but not beheaded last week because a coworker had a gun. An armed society is a polite society. And if I can contribute to that understanding, that’s great.

How To Keep What You’ve Got   Leave a comment

In a situation where the world has spun out of control, it is pretty to believe that everybody would just get alone.

Anyone thinking that’s going to happen is delusional. The human race has an unremitting history of not getting along. We always want what the other guy has. We always think that our needs are more important than someone else’s needs. It’s not abnormal that people think that way. It’s human nature.

In an apocalyptic situation, human beings are not going to improve who we are at root. Some of us might cooperate for mutual benefit, but there will be others who will not. Cooperation requires social skills and following societal rules. Do we learn these with our noses in our smart phones? I doubt it. Human nature dictates that we will divide into factions and factions lead to fights and attempts by some groups to tyrannize other groups.

I don’t advertise that I have food stores, but I’ve got 10 cords of wood in my yard. It’s really hard to hide that much fire wood, so in some ways, I’m advertising that I’m prepared for a disaster. Naturally, I expect folks who didn’t plan ahead to want that fire wood.

I shouldn’t have to share it unless I want to share it. I (Brad, the kids and I) harvested it, split it, stacked it. It is OUR wood. If I like you, you can come stay at my house and share the heat, but anyone else laying claim to MY firewood is claiming it falsely. So, when we disagree about the fire wood, what should my response be?

I try to live a non-aggressive life, to focus on my own needs and not ask from other people. When I give charity, it is because I want to give. Well, except for taxes, but that’s another topic. I don’t believe I should force others to help me and I don’t believe I should be forced to help others. We can choose to cooperate with one another, but nobody should be forced to give up something they worked for to help someone who didn’t work for it.

How do you protect what you have from others who would take it?

We don’t have a “huge” arsenal, but we have the means to protect ourselves and what belongs to us. We don’t intend to turn our yard into an armed camp, but it’s fenced so there should be no argument about what is public and what is private. We don’t want to fight, but yes, we can protect what we have and will. I hope we don’t have to. I hope our neighbors and others will recognize our right of ownership to what is ours and we will respect their right of ownership over what is theirs. We’re prepared if they don’t have the same attitude.

You should be too, because the human race … not so lovely.


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