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Bipartisanship Leads in Alaska   Leave a comment

Bill Walker Vote Third Party/Independent

I have been a supporter of Bill Walker for governor for a long time. When he lost the GOP primary in 2010, I wrote to urge him to run as an independent in 2014, which he did. I am not a big supporter of the “unity” ticket with Byron Mallott, the former Democratic candidate. I suspect backroom deals that will see the Democratic Party in more control of the Walker administration than I would like, but I am still voting for Walker because Parnell, combined with SB 21, is raping our state.

Hays Research Group, an Alaska-based polling firm, released a poll that shows a head-to-head match up between Bill Walker and Gov. Sean Parnell has an eight points advantage to Walker.  It’s important to note that 31% of voters are still undecided, so Walker’s win is not a slam dunk. The poll didn’t include the names of each candidate’s lieutenant governors, and it described Walker as an “Independent.” On the ballot, he will be described as “unaffiliated.” The Alaska AFL-CIO paid for the poll. The umbrella union organization supports the “Unity” ticket and was instrumental in bringing Bill Walker, a Republican running as unaffiliated, and Democrat Byron Mallott together on one ticket. The poll, conducted between Sep. 13-14, surveyed 500 registered voters in the state of Alaska who had voted in at least two of the last three statewide general elections. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.38 percent.

I believe I was one of those who participated in this poll as a gentleman with those specifics actually came to my door looking for “super voter” Lela Markham.

Parnell walker poll


Read the full Hays poll here.

Another Sign of Parnell Administration Corruption   Leave a comment

Fairbanks borough property taxes going up, but by less than expected – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Local News.

Sean Parnell was an oil industry executive before he became a government official and he will be an oil industry executive again. This article highlights that. And, while this increase in property taxes is only about $30 for both of our pieces of property, it is the principle involved. An independent assessor valued the TransAlaska Pipeline at twice was Parnell’s hand-picked board did. The manipulation of value, made possible by manipulation of the board and commissions process, affects everyone in the Borough (like a county) and it will likely only get worse if Parnell serves a second full term.

This is one reason I’m voting for Bill Walker for Alaska Governor because he is an independent candidate whose history shows a commitment to Alaska rather than to the oil industry.

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