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One of the things I love about my dry-cabin friends –some of whom have upgraded to running water in some form or another (more on that in future posts) — is their saunas.

Most people think of saunas as a place to destress and warm up, but for dry-cabin livers, it’s often how they bathe.

And, truth be told, it is the best way to bathe, whether you have running water or not. My cousin who is a research doctor has sent me plenty of research on how to keep clean. Long hot baths and saunas top the list. You need about 20 minutes to really break a sweat that gets the daily dirt out of your pores. You can do this less than daily for the same results as showering five times a week for 20 minutes will get you.

Many of our Native friends from the villages who have moved into Fairbanks have a small shed outback where they have a sauna. It’s usually wood heated and it’s close enough to run to the house in a towel and (shudder) bare feet (truth be told, I bring rubber hiking sandals because I’m a wimp).

When you go to their houses, you always make sure the swim suits and towels are in the back seat … just in case. It’s not an everyday occurrence that they invite you to stay for “a sweat”, but when they do … calling in sick the next morning because you stayed up way past your bedtime is not an uncommon occurrence.

In addition to the woodstove that is too large for the space, there’s usually a bucket of water and sponges and loofas and its a great social time. The wise among us don’t drink alcohol while doing this because it’s hard on your heart and head, but oh, so great for your skin.

Someday, we’re converting part of our tool shed at the town house to a sauna and you can be sure that our cabin site will have one.

And, by the way, that electric one the guy at the mall tried to sell you does not compare. It’s better than nothing, I suppose, but really, it’s a waste of money and home space. It gets you warm, but it doesn’t get you clean and there is something about the pop and crackle of firewood ….

Just my opinion.

Posted August 19, 2014 by aurorawatcherak in Alaska

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