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The United States may well have the largest oil reserves in the world. Alaska alone, were we a stand-alone country, would rank as the 13th largest government-owned oil reserve in the world, making us OPEC material. Yet because of intense lobbying by environmental organizations, the United States government has locked up 67% of domestic oil reserves and 40% of domestic natural gas reserves on federal land, making us dependent on foreign oil imports. Our problems run much deeper than that, however.

The NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) and the BANANAs (Building Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) oppose building so much that the United States hasn’t built a new oil refinery since 1976. All remaining American refineries are running at full capacity, so that when one needs to be shut down for routine maintenance, it causes a temporary shortage in the supply and a spike in prices. Rules and regulations at the state and federal levels block the petroleum refinement industry from building new refineries. Old worn-out refineries are closing. California closed 10 between 1985 and 1995, representing 20% of the state’s refining capacity. California’s energy policy is literally wedded to radical environmental groups, so it is unlike any new refineries will be built there in my lifetime.

Building a refinery would cost at least $2 billion and take about 10 years. If – IF – permits could be obtained, there’s no guarantee the refinery would ever be built. Why? Well, where would you build it where it would be welcomed? And, if you could find such a community, the radical environmentalists would organize and energize the NIMBYs and BANANAs with concerns about air pollution or the dangers of large trucks and railcars carrying hazardous materials or the potential for leakage into the environment. Scientific facts to the contrary, the ostrich party acts like refinery environmental standards haven’t improved at all in 40 years.

The Department of Energy predicts domestic oil consumption will increase 43% by 2025, but production will grow only 23%. Meanwhile, Congress has poured more than $23 billion of our money into alternative energy sources like windmills, solar panels and ethanol, all in the name of conservation. In reality, no combination of conservation, technology or alternative fuels can come close to replacing the fossil fuels system we already have. Maybe, after years of research, testing, permitting and construction, distribution system for alternatives will begin to take a larger share in the marketplace, but in the meantime, we NEED domestic oil and gas NOW!

The United States imports more than 60% of its oil from unstable nations in the Middle East where the entire region is on verge of revolution. Our policies have left us at the mercy of Libya and Saudi Arabia. We’re a coup or an assassination away from radical factions putting our economy into a tail spin that will pulverize the US economy.

It is WAY past the time to institute bold long-term plans to keep the nation’s lights on and disentangle our transportation system and industry from world conflict. Such plans would include reopening the off-shore fields and opening access to energy rich areas currently off limits to exploration, like the mere 2000 acres in ANWR. More importantly, we need to build refineries to process the raw materials into usable gasoline, diesel, etc.

For this to happen, the American people need to get real-world woke up RIGHT NOW. Our economy does not run on magic fairy dust. It runs on energy and, more importantly, it runs on reliable energy. Wind and solar do not, at this time and probably not for decades to come, qualify as RELIABLE energy. Solar is a low-efficiency energy source that costs more in fossil fuel to produce than it saves in the lifetime of a solar panel. Wind has high-efficiency, but is reliant upon the changeable weather. Both raise the ire of some NIMBYs because they tend to spoil the view. Do you see the irony of that? A green solution is not desirable because it causes visual pollution?

No, you really cannot make this lunacy up!

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