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What Should I Blog About?   Leave a comment

My church discipline series ended with the year and now I’m trying to decide what I should pursue in 2015. Hence the random posts. But I find that unsatisfying and I quickly run out of things to say. So ….

I’m going to continue the author interviews and Thom Stark and I are still debating. I’ve got a couple of book reviews in the pipeline, but I am not planning to become a reviewer. It takes too much time to read a book for a single post. I will do an occasional one. I’m planning to do some blog swapping with other writers.

But the bread-and-butter of Aurorawatcherak has been series of exploration of various topics – me mostly working out in public view what I believe about something and you get to come along for the ride.

My best post last year was actually written in 2013 and it was on the 2nd Amendment. Word Press thinks I should write more about that topic.


So, what do I write about in the coming months?


I’m thinking about …

  • looking into anarchy some more
  • doing some economic writing
  • maybe focusing on some historical events (and how they affect us today)
  • revisiting the non-partisan ideals I rest on
  • maybe looking into some Biblical archeology
  • 2nd Amendment

But …

I would also take suggestions. One of my best series came about because someone suggested I look into the administrative state. Another suggestion lead me into the exploration of Alaska’s colonial relationship with the United States. So, suggestions are cool!

So, what do YOU suggest?

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