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Repeal the 12th Amendment?   Leave a comment

The 12th Amendment enshrines the two-party system which has caused a great many of our problems in the United States. More than that, the vice president, with so few constitutional powers, was intended to be a watchdog against abuses of the president, to report abuses of presidential power to Congress for the purposes of impeachment. Impeachment was defanged by the 12th Amendment because, seriously, who would remove Barack Obama for Joe Biden willingly? But imagine Barack Obama’s presidency with John McCain or Mitt Romney looking over his shoulder. Not strong enough checks and balances? Imagine John F. Kennedy with Barry Goldwater as VP? Now we’re talking checks and balances! Al Gore looking over George Bush’s shoulder wouldn’t have been a bad thing either.

About the only thing our Founders could agree on 100% was the folly of “faction”, what we would call political parties. The other thing that had broad agreement among them was the absolute need for gridlock – for issues to be debated to death so that they either died of well-earned death by languishment or passed because they enjoyed broad public support. The deadlock of the two political parties in Congress is a recent occurrence, brought on more by the attention of the public than by any ideological division. Normally, the political parties are two shades of the same color that pretend to far more division than they actually show. No parties or a large range of many parties all with equal access to the ballot would slow down the legislative process and require more debate — both good things in a republic, so getting rid of or amending the 12th amendment would be good for America.

For the record, I favor dissolution of all political parties. I foresee coalition forces forming under a multi-party system. I want candidates who are answerable to the people, not to a partisan entity and certainly not to a coalition of partisan entities. If you doubt where this will end up, play Risk with people who know how to play the game sometime and you will understand what I mean.

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