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WikiLeaks: The two faces of Hillary Clinton on Syria   Leave a comment

“People don’t trust Hillary Clinton, and no one can agree on why,” begins a sympathetic piece on the Democratic Party presidential candidate in Fast Company last July.

Source: WikiLeaks: The two faces of Hillary Clinton on Syria

Long, but well worth the read … very revealing of why some of us feel that Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State DISQUALIFIES her as President. I personally want to avoid World War III for a very selfish reason – my son turns 18 in December. THIS woman will put his life at risk.

A Treatment for Political Insanity   Leave a comment

Just trust them. Hillary Clinton would like it if you would just trust her to know precisely how much energy each American ought to use, where it should come from, how it should be generated, how we should get from here to there, and the effects that her plan will have on the global climate decades from now.

Image result for image of gary johnson on energyNo, she’s not a scientist and she’s driven around in chauffeured limousines, but she’s an “expert” who knows so much more than you do. If you embrace her energy plan, you will embrace “science,” “reality,” “truth,” and “innovation,” “our children,” and “the future.” If you refuse to comply, you reject all those good things AND you are probably also a “denier,” the catch-all slur for anyone doubtful that Hillary Clinton is actually an expert on this subject or many others or that she and her advisers know better than the rest of mankind how to manage our energy needs into the future.

Listening to her talk reminds me of reading F.A. Hayek. A brilliant economist, Hayek spent wrote many books over a 50-years career. Hayek explained that the greatest danger humanity faced throughout history has been a presumption by intellectuals, politicians, and bureaucrats that they know better than social forces on just about any given topic.

Sometimes that presumption might be presented as science but that’s really just propaganda. Civilization arises from, is protected by, and advances through the dispersed knowledge of billions of individual decision makers and the institutions that arise from them.

Society needs to know how to use scarce resources, how to navigate a world of uncertainty, how to form rules that turn struggle into peace and the individual’s who compose society can only do this if they are free to make decisions based on on-the-ground circumstances. No ruler, scientist or intellectual can substitute for the evolving process of decentralized decision-making based on trial and error.

That’s not good news for Hillary, who embodies the American version of “liberalism”. This ideology is anything but liberal, because it totally rejects liberty and strives for more top-down control. If you look around at what is good in the world today, it becomes a tough sell to say that government is among the good. Governments are responsible for every failing sector from health to education to foreign wars.

People like Hillary Clinton are stuck in an ideological vortex with no escape. They’ve embraced government planning and refuse to recognize its failures. They keep beating that drum, even when it makes no sense whatsoever, such as the claim that government can know everything necessary to plan the entire energy sector with the aim of managing the world climate.

Why should someone who cannot ensure the proper use of a single private server be trusted with the colossal power necessary to design and to oversee the remaking of a trillion-plus dollar sector of the U.S. economy (a sector, by the way, in which this person has zero experience)? David Bourdreux (economist)

Of course, Clinton is a hypocrite. She (and to be honest, her opponent) travel around in private jets that use more fuel in one hour of flight than you or I use in a year. We could also, in the interest of honesty, recognize that the American military that she wants control over is the single worst polluter on the planet. If we really believed that human-caused climate change is such a danger to the world, we’d start by cutting back US military operations. That isn’t in Hillary’s plan. Government gets to do what it must do. The rest of us are supposed to pay the price, bicycling to work and powering our homes with sunshine and windmills. By the way, wintertime in Fairbanks Alaska – two hours of sunlight a day and average wind speeds of less than 2 mph.

When I first read about her energy plan, I saw images of Mao’s China and remembered Lenin’s first speech after he took control of Russia’s economy. Why would any self-interested politician make the need for reduced living standards a centerpiece of her campaign?

Sure, most people tell pollsters that they favor renewable energy to stop climate change. Nobody wants to be called a “denier”. Clearly very few people really care enough to forgo the benefits of modern life, which is probably what will save civilization itself from plans like hers. It’s encouraging that nobody seems to put much stock in her plan for our future.

Do you ever stop to marvel at how quickly the political class has leapt from simply monitoring the weather (and getting forecasts wrong more often than not) to the absolute certainty that extreme and extremely specific application of government force is the way to deal with it?

“The sacralization of climate is being used as a great loophole in the rule of law, an apology for bad science (and even worse economics), and an excuse to do anything and everything to have and keep power.” Max Borders

Let’s be honest about our history. Everything done as public policy in our lifetimes has yielded little more than unpayable debts and unworkable programs, while creating an apparatus of compulsion and control that robs society of its inherent genius. Try to do anything in the United States that is truly innovative. Come back to me in several years after you’re done filling out the paperwork for the environmental impact study.

As Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” We ought to know by now that it doesn’t work, but the power-hungry elites just move on after every failed attempt, finding a new rationale to sustain a failed model of social and economic organization.

If man is not to do more harm than good in his efforts to improve the social order, he will have to learn that in this, as in all other fields where essential complexity of an organized kind prevails, he cannot acquire the full knowledge which would make mastery of the events possible.

He will therefore have to use what knowledge he can achieve, not to shape the results as the craftsman shapes his handiwork, but rather to cultivate a growth by providing the appropriate environment, in the manner in which the gardener does this for his plants.

There is danger in the exuberant feeling of ever growing power which the advance of the physical sciences has engendered and which tempts man to try, “dizzy with success”, to use a characteristic phrase of early communism, to subject not only our natural but also our human environment to the control of a human will.

The recognition of the insuperable limits to his knowledge ought indeed to teach the student of society a lesson of humility which should guard him against becoming an accomplice in men’s fatal striving to control society — a striving which makes him not only a tyrant over his fellows, but which may well make him the destroyer of a civilization which no brain has designed but which has grown from the free efforts of millions of individuals.  FA Hayek’s Nobel speech in 1974

Image result for image of gary johnson on energyWe seek to become tyrants because that is something awful in human nature. Call it a product of the Fall, if you like. We are all infected with it, though some of us struggle against it, while others embrace their meglomania. Which is why it is dangerous to give too much power to those who seek to be tyrants and who claim for themselves an ideology that aims for total control over society “for our own good.” We ought to have learn from the past mistakes found in history and recognize that millions or billions of people making individual decisions that balance and counter-balance one another is a much safer method of organization than the will of one person backed by similarly-minded tyrants imposed upon the world.

If I make a bad decision, it affects me and a small circle of my friends and family. If the president of the United States makes a bad decision, it potentially affects the whole world.

Gary Johnson is a libertarian who must live in the world that we have currently. Therefore, he has energy policies, but take a look at what those policies are and see if you can find a big difference between him and his opponents? Yeah, he favors allowing the individual decisions of Americans to power the energy decision rather than forcing people to walk in lockstep over a cliff.

Third Way   Leave a comment

If it weren’t for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton would be the most disliked major-party presidential nominee in recent American history.

If Donald Trump were not the GOP nominee, the Democrats would be trying to figure out how to replace Hillary at their convention, but right now they’re doing political calculus and thinking Clinton doesn’t need to be liked, so long as she is liked slightly more than Trump and Gary Johnson is kept very far away from an active microphone.

Clinton’s numbers are bad and that’s not an exaggeration. Washington Post-ABC News poll is the latest to suggest they are getting worse and, on many critical issues, they’re as bad or worse than Trump’s.

The poll shows 54% of all Americans have an unfavorable view of Clinton and 44 percent have a “strongly unfavorable” view of her. Among registered voters (who are the most likely to vote and to pay attention to the issues), those numbers tick up to 57% and 47%.

Clinton’s image is as bad or worse than it has ever been. Her 44 percent “strongly unfavorable” number among all Americans is an all-time high as is the 47% figure among registered voters.

In a two-candidate campaign where one-quarter of Americans say they don’t like either candidate, it’s apparent this race will come down to whom they dislike less and whom they “trust” more to be president enough to overcome their personal distaste. Voting for the lesser of two evils takes on a different flavor of difficulty when the stink of their character flaws keeps growing.

So just think about this. Nearly half of registered voters strongly dislike Hillary Clinton, and nearly half of registered voters strongly dislike Donald Trump. It’s 47% for Clinton and 49 percent for Trump. A virtual tie. Getting majority support will be a struggle for both major-party candidates this year.

Back in May, Trump was on much worse footing than Clinton. There was once a 15-point gap, but that gap has shrunk to 5-9 points among registered voters, which should test even Democrat assumptions that Clinton will definitely be the next president.

Popularity is important for presidential candidates, but there are other factors that also factor in. The Post-ABC poll shows 58% of registered voters say Trump isn’t qualified to be president, but just 42% say the same of Clinton. A relatively strong majority (56%) say Clinton is qualified. That’s a significant gap, and it suggests that if the 2016 election comes down to who appears more presidential, Clinton very likely wins.

BUT if voters are looking for change and to shake up the system, that’s where Trump excels. Did you listen to Donald Trump Jr.’s speech at the RNC? Go find it on YouTube and listen to the audience response when he made “change” statements and particularly when he said Trump didn’t need a focus group to decide what he ought to say. That cheering crowd graphically supports that, if people are looking for who will bring needed change to Washington, Trump is their candidate. He leads over Clinton by 11 points, 50-39. If it’s a change election, Trump probably wins, but if voters are more concerned about 3 a.m. phone calls and presidential gravitas, it’s probably Clinton.

Clinton can’t count on a popularity contest and that is largely her own fault. Her mishandling of classified emails, the Benghazi attack and her lying to the American people have clearly taken a major toll on her image. More than seven in 10 Americans say Clinton is too willing to bend the rules. To the extent elections are popularity contests, which they definitely were in 2008-2012, the public mistrust of Clinton is significant.

President Obama came out and said Republicans should disavow Trump for his obvious short-comings. I’m not voting for Trump, but I think Democrats should disavow Clinton for criminal activity and just plain being an evil person. Of course, that’s not going to happen and Republicans know that if they disavow Trump, those voters who believe in the primary system will disavow them. It would be the actual end of the Republican Party, just as Democrats refusing to support their nominee would be the actual end of the Democratic Party.

I’m not voting for either one, but let me suggest that if the two main-party candidates are this unpopular, it is a perfect time to not waste a vote on the lesser of two tyrants and try some real change to see how that works out for us.

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He Said, She Said: Choose Your Central Plan | Jeffrey Tucker   1 comment

She wears white. He wears blue. She speaks about community. He talks about himself. She is chilly and sometimes nice. He is mean and sometimes funny. He says “manly” things. She talks about women’s rights.

And rarely have two candidates hated each other more. He says she is a criminal. She says he is a psychopath. The debates will be an international media bonanza to equal the Olympics.

Source: He Said, She Said: Choose Your Central Plan | Jeffrey Tucker

Walking Off the Cliff … Together   Leave a comment

So, I still won’t be voting for a major party presidential candidate this November. This is my impression of Hillary’s acceptance speech from last night.

Let me explain that I didn’t waste a lot of time listening to the DNC this week. I had better things to do than listen to Bill Clinton lie about his relationship with Hillary. We all remember Paula, Monica and all the other women, Bill.

I listened to Hillary’s speech last night while bleaching my kitchen counters preparatory to Brad bringing home the year’s salmon. We’re running a slime line tonight and I’ll bet we’re better at it than Queen Hillary could ever be.

The first half of it came off as extremely paternalistic. I felt like I was a child and she was my mother talking down to me because I was too dumb or naive to understand what she was saying.

Do go back and listen to it on YouTube. If you didn’t notice it before, now that I pointed it out, I bet you will.

Don’t talk down to me, Hillary! I hold a Master’s degree and I would lay down money that I’ve read more books on a greater variety of subjects than you have read. I’ve even read some science books, though not all of them were the NEA-approved propaganda you prefer. I’ve even read your ghost-written books. How do I know they were ghost-written? I’m a writer and there’s this little thing called “voice”.

Maybe it’s because you haven’t read enough books, you don’t know that the country is not what you think it is. The Revolutionaries did not envision a united country from sea to sea. They were each supporting their own state as separate countries working together. If you’d actually ever read any of their writings, you’d know that. Not all, but many of them were individualists who voluntarily chose to cooperate with one another. Above all, they deeply mistrusted government. Madison, seeing the handwriting on the wall from monarchists like Hamilton, helped to create a wonderful republic and then regretted it later, saying it was doomed to failure because the government was already growing dictatorial and power was flowing to Washington.

You won’t appeal to the voters who are flirting with Trump if you pretend the country isn’t in enormous trouble. You talked about “all the improvements” since Barack Obama took office, but those of us out here in reality land know that it’s all smoke and mirrors paid for with $12 trillion in national debt that is now acting as an anchor that has stalled the economy. And there is nothing government can do to fix that except get out of the way because government CAUSED that by spending too much money, increasing regulation and not listening to the productive half of the population.

I’m not voting for Trump, but at least he has a basic understanding of economics and the business cycle. His “plan” is light because it appears to consist of getting out of the way of business so that the economy can heal itself. Meanwhile, you’re promising more of the economic meddling that caused the current mess.

I trust Gary Johnson more with the economy than I do either one of you because of his record in New Mexico.

You talked up your foreign policy experience, but for me, your record shows that you’re a warmonger who destabilized several countries and then left them to deal with the mess you caused so you could claim we need to beef up our military in order to fight a war that should never have happened. It makes us more unsafe here at home and when we travel abroad. Your actions as Secretary of State spread ISIS across North Africa. That’s wonderful experience if I wanted someone to lead us through World War III.

The second half of her speech was less paternalistic, but more frightening. When she screeched “Your cause is our cause” to Bernie Sanders with that Wicked Witch of the West voice, she did draw some wild cheers from the crowd of socialists. The reason why Bernie looked like he’d been strapped to the electric chair may be that he had just resigned from the Democratic Party and registered as an Independent. Did Hillary know that? I doubt it. What does it mean? I’m not sure. I hope it means he’s decided to launch an independent campaign.

I do know why the crowd went wild. Hillary was promising them the moon … except she doesn’t own the moon. Nineteen trillion dollars in debt assures that we can’t afford any of those wild promises. They were unaffordable when the economy was strong and growing. They are even more unaffordable in our current condition.

The “together we’re stronger” theme sickened me. I’m a pretty cooperative person in my personal life. I like working on teams, but that’s not what Hillary means, of course. That would be a voluntary association and Hillary wants us to all walk in lockstep over the cliff of her choosing. As long as we’re in it together, the abrupt stop at the bottom might be cushioned by those who hit the ground first. And there’s no choice. If you disagree with the group decision, you can’t opt to go your own way. No, it is the cliff and no other option.

America was founded on a form of individualism. Go read the Founders’ writings and you will see that I am telling the truth. Each man individually lived his life and VOLUNTARILY cooperated with others to accomplish tasks that one man could not do alone. Sometimes states cooperated with other states to accomplish tasks no one state could accomplish. When the group wanted to go in a direction the individual disagreed with, the individual was allowed to go their own way and pursue their own interests. Our voluntary associations was one of the things de Toqueville (who Hillary misquoted a lot last night) admired about America.

Speaking of misquotes – Hillary’s only real nod to Christians was to quote a Methodist dogma of “Do all the good you can, for as long as you can, to as many people as you can” which has been said to originate from Jonathan Edwards. It didn’t. He said “Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can.” The fact that she doesn’t know this just makes her look careless and stupid. It’s like the former “Christian” boss I had who would quote Poor Richards’ Almanac and say it was scripture. I knew it wasn’t. He didn’t. Guess what I thought of his “Christianity”?

An important difference in the two crowds should be noted. I am opposed to the shouting of political slogans. There’s a brainwashing effect to it that I’ve always found distasteful. So, when the RNC crowd was shouting “USA, USA, USA”, I felt like puking. But … BUT, last night as Hillary was saying “be wary of anyone who says ‘I alone can fix the problems'”, the DNC crowd was chanting “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.”

I find that ironic. The candidate calling for unity is the center of a cult of personality while the candidate who is the “divider” appears to have fostered unity in his followers.

No, the Rest of the World Doesn’t Use ‘Single Payer’ | Eli Lehrer   Leave a comment

There’s plenty of reason for free marketers to be skeptical of proposals, like the ones emanating from Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and hinted at by Republican Donald Trump, that would create a single-payer healthcare coverage system in the United States.

But, if only because these proposals have resonance with the public, they’re certainly worth debating. A rational debate depends on getting the facts straight and there’s one fact that both left and right often get wrong: “single payer” healthcare of the sort Bernie Sanders proposes isn’t universal in the developed world and the US system isn’t particularly free-market by the standards of peer nations.

Although definitions vary slightly, a single payer healthcare system is one where a single entity — a government-run insurance plan — pays all bills for a variety of medical care, and private payment for these same services is more-or-less banned.

Source: No, the Rest of the World Doesn’t Use ‘Single Payer’ | Eli Lehrer

Speaking to the Voters   Leave a comment

So I fact-checked Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, but I didn’t say much about what he had to say. Tonight we get to hear Hillary’s acceptance speech and I wonder if she’ll actually try to reach the voter or just stick with her elitist paternalism.

First, Donald — please don’t yell at me for 75 minutes. I’m not that excited about you anyway, but that was hard to take. You did prove, however, that your lung capacity is greater than Hillary’s, which is a good thing if someone is looking for a healthy president. I’ve heard that you’ve never smoked and I assume that includes marijuana. Judging from Hillary’s draw-string mouth, I think she cannot say the same thing.

But onto the point of this article. Trump’s speech mostly resonated with his listeners — even people like me who won’t be voting for him. Brad has decided to vote for Trump because of the issues he touched on in his acceptance speech.

People feel that the country is on the wrong track. The latest Real Clear Politics data shows 69.3 percent of those surveyed believe we’re on the wrong track. That’s the highest rate since the Carter administration, which should tell us something. It does not benefit politicians to tell us that everything is great, as they are doing at the Democratic National Convention this week. Things are NOT “getting better”. Only Washington elites who are insulated from the consequences of their policies believe things are getting better and absolutely no well-informed person I know believes next year will be better than this year if we continue the same failed policies of Barack Obama. I do know some educated fools who haven’t seen that handwriting on the wall.

Crime and violence are serious concerns of many people. While I think that’s over-hyped by the grow-the-government types, Trump promised to be a “law and order” president. There is strong belief that race relations have deteriorated since President Obama took office. Citizens fed up with police brutality are now attacking the police. While the violence is 100% wrong, I get the sentiment. Poor children are trapped in failing public schools and Democrats won’t let them escape. Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, promise school choice. Terrorism is on the rise at home and overseas while our military focuses on the inclusion of transgender and women soldiers. Veterans are not being adequately cared for. Trump touched on all of those hot spots.

Speaking to blue collar “Reagan Democrats,” who haven’t had a significant pay raise in years, or who are unemployed or underemployed, Trump said, “I am your voice.” And in a great turn of a phrase, he pointed out that Hillary wants us to recite “I’m with her” in a show of unity while Trump announced “I’m with you.”

The establishment and the media are united in their opposition to Trump, claiming he is playing on fears, but they fear of losing control of government and their lucrative positions.

There is nothing wrong with fear of genuine threats, and there are plenty of those. You don’t even need to pay close attention to notice them. Yet the Democrats this week keep singing the same song — we’re getting better, everything is fine, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. And the media lapped it up and regurgitated it as if we who live out here in reality land don’t know better.

So, will Hillary pull their collective heads out of the sand tonight or will they continue to ignore the American workers who are all-too-aware that there are huge problems in the country that need to be addressed and not ignored?

I ultimately will not vote for either Trump or Clinton, but I have to say that a presidential candidate who says he’s with me is preferable to a presidential candidate who wants me to follow her. It says which one of the two is actually aware of the relationship a president has with the people. The people are sovereign. It’s OUR country … not Hillary Clinton’s.

Hillary Clinton Totally Dependent Upon Party Apparatus   1 comment

Source: Hillary Clinton’s status as the presidential candidate of her party is totally due to the national party organization. Unlike Donald Trump, who earned the votes of 14 million primary voters without any help from his party, Hillary is totally de…

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Should a V.P. be One Person’s Choice? | Lawrence W. Reed   Leave a comment

In politics, you can’t always count on the better person getting the job. The truly better ones usually don’t run in the first place. So when the superior man or woman actually gets the nod, whether by fate or choice, it’s noteworthy.

Source: Should a V.P. be One Person’s Choice? | Lawrence W. Reed

Trump Truth-O-Meter   2 comments

I’m not voting for Donald Trump, but following my long-established habit, I watched his acceptance speech and looked for the fact check on it.

I don’t wholly agree with Politifact on their conclusion that Clinton had no connection to ISIS. There’s been credible evidence that the State Department under her watch was arming ISIS in Libya. That lends credence to the belief that her State Department also armed ISIS in Syria. So I would score Donald Trump’s statement on that subject as Mostly True.

They also scored his statement on “America has the highest taxes in the industrialized world” as Mostly False, but he was clearly referring to the corporate income tax rate, which is completely true.

They rated Trump’s remarks about Hillary’s gun control plans as False, but I would submit her own statements as proof that, if elected president, she will pursue a gun control policy that will disarm all law-abiding citizens, leaving only the totalitarian cops and criminals legally armed in this nation. The criminals might stand a chance against the cops, but the rest of us had better learn to be silent and keep our eyes on the ground.

Do check the fact-check out though because they do get it right in some critical areas where I didn’t expect Politifact (which tends to err toward liberal ideals) to actually say were correct.

While I was watching Trump’s acceptance speech, I kept thinking “He sounds pretty reasonable and “presidential”, but this guy is so totalitarian, so egotistical. He will be dangerous to my liberty.” I believe that whole-heartedly. His facts about the state of the country are 90% right, but his conclusions on how to fix it are 90% wrong.

So this next week, we’ll get to hear Hillary and run her through the Truth-o-Meter.


  • Will she do any better on telling the truth? I doubt it because she appears to be a pathological liar. How many more times do we have to catch her in big whoppers before we conclude that she is incapable of telling the truth?
  • Will she be any less totalitarian? Don’t make me laugh. She has already proven she won’t be, not overseas and certainly not here.
  • Will she be any less corrupt that Trump? Her connections with Wall Street and selection of Tim Cain as her running mate pretty much tells us that she won’t be.
  • Will I vote for her if her acceptance speech sounds more reasonable and “presidential”? Hell, no! She has a 30-year career of making a lot of statements, writing a lot of books and one speech or a dozen won’t take that stink off of her.

This is a woman who wants to force people into a universal health care ghetto from which there is no escape … who believes it’s all right, even good, to take children from their parents if the parents own guns or believe in using effective discipline or don’t believe it’s morally right to kill your children in the womb (go read her books if you don’t believe me). Under her reign at the State Department, the US involved itself in at least three wars we didn’t need to be involved in (and in her book Tough Choices, she admitted she encouraged the Obama Administration to get into those wars and three others that Obama chose to avoid). She’s proud of the mess she made in Libya and unrepentant for arming ISIS rebels there and then leaving four men to die in the consequence of her ill-conceived “foreign policy”. Her own record condemns her.

So, I won’t be voting for her either. Doesn’t mean I won’t fact-check her just like I do every presidential candidate.

Wakey-wakey, people! Wake up and smell the coffee burning. This is perhaps the MOST-IMPORTANT election of our lifetimes and we have clowns on the right and tinpot dictators on the left. There is a reasonable choice if you break out of your partisan myopia. A Libertarian president probably couldn’t solve all or even most of the country’s problems in four or even eight years, but he might drag us back from the edge just a little bit. And thinking outside of our elite-defined box might just give us fresh ideas that will cause us to become the change agents we have been looking for.


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