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Front Cover RedMirklin Wood will be FREE March 31 – one day only!

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Front Cover RedMirklin Wood is now live on Amazon. Watch for special promotional prices.

Willow Branch Blue White Recreation CoverAlso, in honor of Mirklin Wood finally being available, The Willow Branch is on special promotional price of 99 cents.

You could pick up two books at great prices and find a fantasy series you really love.

Taste of Mirklin Wood #9   1 comment

This is a final taste of Mirklin Wood, which publishes March 15. It’s on pre-order.

Front Cover RedThe dark rain soaked everything. Gregyn arrived at the dun shivering from wet and exhaustion, only to be intercepted by Werglidd at the gate.

“Come with me immediately,” the court sorcerer ordered. Barely able to stand by this time, Gregyn had not the strength or energy to protest or defend himself as Werglidd compelled him to his tower apartment and barred the door.

“I know it was you, lad,” the middle-aged sorcerer fair sparkled with excitement as Gregyn stumbled to the divan before his legs gave out completely. “I knew Talidd was about to work a high-level ritual. Sawyl has been here purchasing supplies. And, of course, for a ritual of that magnitude, Talidd needed his strongest people. Even an apprentice would do when possessed of your power.”

Gregyn let his head fall back on the divan, allowing Werglidd’s words to wash over him as the chamber spun round him.

“Who were you linked with?” Werglidd asked. Time had passed. Gregyn sensed he’d slept. He felt worse than before. Although normally much stronger than Werglidd and therefore immune to his magicks, Gregyn felt scoured out and beyond the flows of power that had been at his fingertips for most of his life. Werglidd had ensnared him at his weakest. “Who were you linked with, lad? Lying will only cause you pain. I know you were linked, else you’d be dead. How’d you learn that trick? You’re only a Level 2, so you’ve not been taught it. Who were you linked with?”

“Naryna,” Gregyn whispered, lips moving of their own volition.

“A lass?! That shouldn’t have worked. You’re the interesting one, now aren’t you? Well and good then. I’ll keep your secret and you’ll keep mine, if I tell you any.

A Taste of Mirklin Wood #5   1 comment

This is sort of interesting – finding snippets to share that don’t give away too much of the story.

This scene involves Padraig’s niece Shyla, who will become an important character further in the series. This is sort of her introduction. Enjoy!


Front Cover RedInside the town, folk rushed about to secure anything that might be ruined or killed by the storm. Glynn led their clattering way up the broad curving avenue as wind carried a storm of dust over the wall and straight into Shyla’s face. Her horse shied sideways, blowing, as she struggled to get her hair out of her mouth and the dirt out of her eyes. When the tears blinked free, she cast about in mild anxiety, for she didn’t see Glynn or Matryc. The dust formed a whirlwind at the end of an alley. Her gut tightened. This felt … deliberate. Every fiber of her being warned that way lay danger. She stood in her stirrups and spied the towers of the dun in the opposite direction. She’d somehow turned down a side street in the brief time she’d been unable to see. She turned the horse’s head and started upward.

A crack of lightning rent the sky and sent a loud rolling boom through the town streets. Her palfry bolted forward, careening round corners, hooves clattering on the cobblestones. It was dangerous to run a horse like this through crowded streets, but she doubted much that she could settle it, much less control it at the next thunderclap.

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Front Cover RedWhen I started the rewrite of Mirklin Wood, I thought I had a few scenes to fill in. I was a bit worried because I only had 90,000 words and epic fantasies just aren’t very epic when they’re skinny. First rewrites are usually about adding words, but I didn’t think I could add 30,000.

But I just passed 100,000 today; I still have two more planned scenes to write. I also just realized that I have completely dropped a story line from The Willow Branch, which drives me crazy when other authors do it to me, so …

120,000 words, here we come!

While you wait The Willow Branch is available on Amazon. Also in paperback.

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