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It’s Countdown Week   6 comments

Front Cover RedMirklin Wood is on pre-order and launches March 15. In the meantime, The Willow Branch is still available, now on Smashwords and other quality retailers.

Now Available on Pre-Order   5 comments

Front Cover RedMirklin Wood hit critical mass this weekend. It’s been uploaded and is now available for pre-order with a publication date of March 15. The print book is almost ready to go as well.

A Taste of “Mirklin Wood” #3   1 comment

Front Cover RedThe book is in final edits. I just finished incorporating one beta reader’s suggestions and am waiting on another. If all goes well, the book will be on pre-order by March 1 and will publish mid-March.

I love this stage of the creative process because I can really see things coming together. The long slog to the finish line that is publishing a 130,000-word epic fantasy is gaining speed now because I can see the finish line.

Of course writers are never done, right? After I take a break to read someone else’s book for a week or so, I’ll resume work on the already-in-progress Objects in View (Book 2 of Transformation Project). I’m going to be talking about that later today.

In the meantime, here are some highlights of Mirklin Wood.

Dun Wmgleadd sat under a dinner plate full moon, the streets bright as noontide. A caravan had arrived earlier in the day, so the night sang with the great merriment accompanying hardworking men with coin in their purses after a long job is accomplished. Every inn of any reputation spilled over with light, laughter and frivolity, harlots plied their trade and ale flowed like water in a stream.

At the Blue Goose just off the market square, the gaiety was shattered by a scream and the dull thud of a body hitting a grassy yard.

Far from the celebrating throng, Padraig slept soundly, luxuriating in a morrow with no commitments. 

He’d been on the move constantly since leaving Clarcom more than two moons hence and a single night without concern for the morrow was a rare luxury that he meant to savor until dawn. When the dream of the eastern mountains began, he though mayhap it was a melting of the blockage he’d labored with for more than a moon, for this had the flavor of vision more than of dream.

The majestic sunlit peaks soared behind Gly as he shouted at Padraig from a great distance. The elven master’s words shredded on an unfelt wind so that Padraig recognized only the word “sword”. Sword? What sword? Gly gestured, directing Padraig to look behind him. He flinched back as lightning rent a storm-black sky. An unnatural raven unfolded enormous wings to launch itself into the storm, somewhat clenched in its talons. Just as it threatened to disappear into the clouds, the raven dropped what it carried and Padraig stared as a sword flashed past his perch to fall broadside upon the grassy yard he suddenly stood upon.

A large fat goose with blue feathers honked at him and waddled off into the darkness. A falcon lifted its beak free of the shelter of its wing in a tree in Mulyn and launched itself into the sky, pushing southward. Ryanna picked up a walking stick of beautiful willow. A Kin woman he knew from the holt told her elfling husband she was with child. Lydia watched Danyl as he slept. A dark and forbidden forest stretched toward unknown mountains. Gly’s voice echoed through his head.

“The broken sword has value. Arise, sleeper, and protect it.”

The dream vision dissolved as loud whispering called his name.

“Padraig of Denygal? Where are you? Padraig?”

Men began to curse the voice that awakened them and Padraig crawled out of the tent in only his small clothes to keep Braeden from being killed … or more like having to kill someone to keep from being killed. Braeden’s reputation was no doubt deserved.

A Taste of Mirklin Wood #2   11 comments

HiFront Cover Reds heart hammered and his breath grew short. His head felt light and empty, as if he were climbing the mountains once more rather than hanging from the talons of a great wyrm.

Nay, not possible! It did remind him somewhat of the statues he’d seen of dragons, but that was a bard’s fancy and those did not fly to your rescue that often. Or did they? In some of the stories …. Stories! He was not being rescued. He was likely about to be eaten. Mayhap he could avoid that, if he was clever. He craned his neck to look above him. The beast’s sinuous neck undulated some distance above his head. Iridescent green and black scales caught the moonlight in shimmering waves. The wings hardly beat now. The beast must have set its course and found its altitude. Donyl’s lungs fought for icy cold air. His eyes had mostly adjusted to the chill and now he saw the world round him. The moonlight was inexplicably fading, but the snow-capped mountain peaks shone with a white light of their own. Tier upon tier of mountains stretched before them. The Roof of the World?

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Front Cover RedMirklin Wood has its own Facebook page, for those who would like to support it.

A Taste of Mirklin Wood #1   1 comment

Front Cover RedThe paths were filled with daemons of all sizes and shapes, terrible faces contorted in rage
as one after the other they pressed toward Donyl and Pedyr, swinging their bronze weapons to meet their iron. Calm and rational in this irrational situation, Donyl dealt death as no novice at arms had a right, slicing and parrying, arms burning with fatigue. He understood that they were going to die – that had been a given when they saw the hordes upon the paths — but the man at his back deserved better. Here was a Believer, a follower of the One, who trusted his god to save his soul, but did not expect him to save his life. Oath-sworn to see Donyl to his destination or die in the attempt, Pedyr fought a last futile battle for naught but honor. The citadel is within sight! Could not the Denygal god find it to save this most deserving man? Donyl’s rational mind thought this as his exhausted arms continued swinging his sword upon daemon after daemon, with no stop in sight. God I do not know, please save Pedyr.

An air-rending roar filled the gorge and the daemon host ducked as if expecting attack from on high. A terrified keening rolled along the paths, echoing off the cliffs, as a dark winged shape glided out of the moon light and swept low. Donyl screamed as the enormous claws reached down and plucked him free of the ledge.

And … It Starts   Leave a comment

Front Cover RedI’ve been working away at Mirklin Wood, Book 2 of Daermad Cycle, and it is almost ready for launch. Which means … it’s time for you the reader to get a few tastes of what I’ve been cooking up.

Some of your favorite characters are back. You may find out how I resolved a few of those cliff-hangers. I’m introducing a few new characters. And … well, you’ll have to tune in to find out.

The loose publication date for Mirklin Wood is March 15 … give or take a panic attack or three.

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