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Former president George W Bush donates to Sullivan | Juneau Empire – Alaska’s Capital City Online Newspaper   Leave a comment

Former president George W Bush donates to Sullivan | Juneau Empire – Alaska’s Capital City Online Newspaper.

I wasn’t planning on voting for Dan Sullivan anyway, but this donation by President Bush convinces me even more not to. It is indicative of the GOP progressivism that conservatives need to stand against. Alaska needs to vote for someone who will represent Alaska, not Ohio, and right now, that’s Mead Treadwell who has been running his campaign on 80%+ Alaska donations.


BEGICH’S REELECTION PITCH: I’M A THORN IN OBAMA’S (POSTERIOR) – Silicon Valley billionaire gives to GOP — Carper names comms team – EMILY’S LIST DEMS AVOID ABORTION TALK – POLITICO Huddle –

According to Alaska pollsters (as opposed to Outside pollsters), Begich is losing to Dan Sullivan and possibly Mead Treadwell, who is actually neck-and-neck with Sullivan in in-state polls.

Alaskans don’t want a minor inconvenience representing us in Washington. We want someone who will loudly demand that we be heard. We haven’t gotten that with Begich and I think many Alaskans are thinking we’re not going to get that with Sullivan.

A clear choice –   Leave a comment

A clear choice – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Letters To Editor.

I especially like that Treadwell is getting most of his funding from Alaska residents. It means he’s running a bit of a stealth campaign of talk radio appearances, newspaper articles and public meetings … and that’s a plus. When Mead appears on Michael Dukes show and has to scramble to answer questions from the public, he shows a personal, individual side of him that you cannot get from a television ad.

And it’s showing. In polls of the entire field, he is behind Sullivan by a handful of points. That can be attributed to name recognition of Sullivan who is on television (using Outside dollars) every hour. But polled in head-to-head races against Begich, Mead is equal or ahead of Sullivan. And, because his campaign is financed by Alaskans, he’ll belong to us for a while … and maybe he learned from Wally Hickel, his long-time mentor – to have a backbone and to walk his own path even when there is political risk involved.

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Treadwell’s experience matters   Leave a comment

Treadwell’s experience matters – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Letters To Editor.

In the run-up to this election, I suppose I should say that I wish there were a GREAT candidate to vote for Senator, but there isn’t. There’s four guys who don’t really meet my expectations of small-government representatives.

Begich has been a disaster for Alaska and the nation (he was the final deciding vote for ObamaCare when Lisa Murkowski’s mail was running 8:1 against ObamaCare; in other words, he could have said no and prevented the whole thing).

Dan Sullivan loves to tout his military service, which doesn’t suggest he’s going to be small-government. Plus all of his money comes from big out-of-state corporations.

Joe Miller changed when he was fighting Lisa in the write-in campaign. Power went to his head … or he finally revealed his massive ego.

Mead Treadwell isn’t perfect. He’s the best of the four in the race and if Alaskans rally behind him, we have a hope of getting Begich out of office. Because most of Treadwell’s money comes from Alaska (80% was the report last month), he’ll belong to us for at least the first term. He’s a progressive capitalist who gets Alaska’s weird corporate status, but doesn’t think the federal government should be involved in our state decisions. Small-government (on the federal level), development-oriented, federalist — maybe perfection isn’t possible. And there’s always the election in 2020 to repent our decision if we don’t like it.

Alaskans have got to get used to imposing our own term limits!

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Treadwell for Senate – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Letters To Editor   Leave a comment

Treadwell for Senate – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Letters To Editor.

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Treadwell Fundraises in Alaska   2 comments

Mead Treadwell, Photo 1.jpgMead Treadwell has raised far fewer funds than Mark Begich or Dan Sullivan, though more than Joe Miller (though Joe still has a largish war chest from his failed 2010 bid to beat M, but 80% of his contributions have come from inside Alaska.

And people wonder why I would favor this candidate over the others?

Mead Treadwell is showing that he is an Alaskan beholden to Alaskans. We would get at least one term from him where he would owe the citizens of Alaska for his seat and not Outside forces, oil industry lobbyists, trial attorneys or big companies in Ohio.

How incredibly refreshing!

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New Super PAC Forms to Support Treadwell   Leave a comment

I’m not a big fan of PACs. I sort of put them in the same category as political parties, a unnecessary muddying of the issues that we could easily do without, but it is what it is.

So Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell is running for US Senate in Alaska against Joe Miller and probably others, so he’s formed Freedom’s Frontier as a fund-raising arm. I guess that’s what we do today. Running it will be Steve Wackowski who was spokesman for Lisa Murkowski’s successful 2010 write-in campaign.

Mead Treadwell for Senate   Leave a comment

Mead TreadwellSo, Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor is running for the GOP nomination for US Senate from Alaska. If he wins the nomination, he gets to run against Mark Begich.

For now, I am only interested in finding a GOP candidate who can beat Mark Begich, who is considered vulnerable. Most Alaskans are non-partisans (52%) or Republicans (38%), so Democrats have a tough time. There is a strong libertarian streak. This is why a candidate like Mead Treadwell appeals to us.

My campaign will focus on three principles:

• Fighting for liberty by reversing the Obama Administration’s relentless assault on our families and our freedoms.
• Fighting for fiscal sanity in Washington, D.C. We borrow too much, we spend too much, and we tax too much.
• Fighting for Alaska. The federal government must deal with Alaska’s issues on Alaska’s terms. Ted Stevens fought every day to bring power and decision-making home, and so will I.

His approval ratings as Lt. Gov. are high, his business background and pro-development stance resonate with us, and his past association with Wally Hickel makes him something like Alaskan nobility.

But I don’t know if he should be Senator — not yet. I need to investigate more, way the pros and cons between him and Joe Miller, check out if there are any others running. And, even after one of them wins the primary, there are still other parties to consider for the general. I promised Mark Begich when he voted for ObamaCare that he would NEVER get my vote and I am absolutely committed to getting him out of office this time around. Otherwise, he’ll play the “I-have-seniority” card and, like Lisa, we’ll never get him out of there.

So Joe Miller, Mead Treadwell or someone else, who ever I vote for has to have a good chance of winning against Begich.

If you’re interested in this race, do check out my earlier post on Joe Miller and compare the two candidate websites.



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