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Cotopaxi eruption: What’s with all the volcanoes these days? ( video)   3 comments

I offer this because we discussed it at church yesterday. Several of our church members are astro- and geophysicists and some of them are skeptical of these propositions.

Cotopaxi eruption: What’s with all the volcanoes these days? ( video).

“There is no hard evidence ….”

As one of the geophysicists said “It’s a theory that a lot of agendas are aimed at. Be afraid, be very afraid, global warming is going to tear the planet apart. So is global cooling going to have some sort of adverse effect? When you ask the agenda-driven this question, they have no answers.”

The consensus among our world-renowned researchers who are church members, is that volcanoes are more active lately and that they sort of wonder if it doesn’t have something to do with the earth’s magnetic field weakening toward a possible reversal of the poles.

This is evidence-based science. It’s possible it’s already started as the magnetic north pole appears to be drifting toward Siberia. They pointed to earthquakes and volcanoes being more active. There’s a new island off Japan, for example.

Could a massive shift in geologic forces have an effect on global weather patterns? Definitely, but probably not disasterously. Could global weather patterns have an effect on geologic forces? These scientists are skeptical. It could just be a coincidence or the geological forces could be driving global warming.

While we’re busy trying to use observable data to control human behavior, we’re not getting prepared. This could really play havoc with all the technology we rely on. While we’re wasting time trying to get people to buy electric cars, we ought to be hardening our infrastructure that could be affected by a magnetic pole shift and the period of time while the earth’s magnetic shield is weaker as a result.

But we aren’t.

Instead, we’re focused on a theory that allows governments to attempt to control human behavior.

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