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At church on Sunday, the pastor surprised us with the Lord’s Supper. Actually, it was planned, but somehow hadn’t made it on the calendar, so some of us were surprised.

Normally, when I come to the Lord’s Supper, I like to have a few days of contemplation. The New Testament says we should think about what we’re doing before we bring our offerings to the Lord … and, if we discover anything in our relations that needs to be mended … we’re to offer our sacrifice and then go make amends. I like to do that before I come to the altar. It’s a practice I started with our daughter when she was a new Christian and have continued as I found it was good for ME to do as well.

So, here I was, feeling like I’d come to church without my shoes. I wasn’t prepared. I hadn’t taken inventory and made amends — or even identified who I owed amends to. So, I quickly scanned through my mind during the music worship and realized that I didn’t need to be worried about it.


The exercise of gratitude before an audience has had my relationship with Jesus and my fellow human beings front and center in my mind for the past month.

So this week’s Thankful Thursday is about saying “thank you” to the folks who have read my ramblings on this subject for the last month because my doing this has helped my spiritual growth in ways that I didn’t expect or even seek.

While you’re here, check out what my fellow authors are saying on this subject.

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Remembering   2 comments

The Lord’s Supper, sometimes called communion by those who think communication with God has to fit into neat little packages, is a memorial ceremony honoring Jesus’ sacrificial death on our behalf.

That’s all. It’s an ordinance of the Christian churches, but it is merely a memory aid for what Christ did for us.

On the night that Jesus was taken, He took bread, broke it, and shared it out, saying “This is My body, which is broken for you. Eat it in remembrance of Me.”

Clearly, since Jesus was standing there playing waiter, the bread as body was metaphor and His disciples understood this. They may not have understood that He was going to die — they were incredibly dense — but they understood this was symbolic, because Jesus wasn’t cutting off pieces of his own flesh and giving it them.

Then He took the cup and said “This cup is the covenant in My blood. As oft as you drink it, remember Me.”

The Jewish feelings about blood were strong! There is no way His disciples — who were all Jews — would have participated in this ritual if they thought it really was Jesus’ blood — or if they thought it was magically going to become His blood. They understood it as a metaphor and the proof for that is they drank from the cup.

So the question is, why? For the sake of our memories. When I come to the Lord’s Supper, I’ve paused to think about my behavior over the last couple of months since I’ve taken “communion”. I think about the sins I’ve committed. I’ve asked God’s forgiveness. And if I can, I’ve asked the forgiveness of those I’ve harmed in small and large ways. But if someone springs to my mind as I see the cloth-draped table, I thank God for that reminder and I file it away for later, to call them or drop by and talk. I still take the Lord’s Supper, because this is what the Bible says I should do.

The Lord’s Supper doesn’t forgive my sins or bring me one step closer to God. Preparation for it reminds me of my sins and the repentance from those sins brings me closer to God.

Then, the Lord’s Supper reminds me of what Jesus did for me that I could not do for myself. While I was still a drowned sinner, helpless to save myself, Jesus died so that I could live.

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