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Alaska Forges Ahead   6 comments

Lela’s Medium article on Alaska Reopening Its Economy

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Quit Poking the Bars   Leave a comment

If I were to synopsize the libertarian point of view into one sentence it would be “Leave the other guy alone unless he’s interfering with your life in a substantive way.”

Yeah, simple, right?

Apparently not because in 21st century America only about 10 percent of the population seems able to grasp the concept of “it does me no harm if it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my leg.”

Don’t misunderstand me here. Most libertarians will debate almost any topic from dawn to dusk. We’ll stick to our principles and refuse to change our opinion because the vast majority of us became libertarians because we believe in principles. That we’ve thought out the logical conclusions of our principles means something to us and we hope reasonable debate will introduce progressives and conservatives to a less authoritarian way of structuring society.

Unfortunately, almost all progressives and a majority of conservatives cannot grasp the concept of “leave the other guy alone.” In fact, it tends to render them apoplectic when we suggest they don’t need to control the other guy.

For a whole host of topics, Americans are currently locked in a deadly unyielding battle for the soul of our society. We’re willing to tear the country asunder to “win” the ideological war. We’re no longer listening to one another, but we flail away like apes flinging dung at the bars of our cages, determined that we’ll at least out-screech those we don’t agree with.

There are a lot of people I disagree with and a lot of topics I have strong feelings about. Going from a macro view to a more granular view — let’s just look at how this works. This article is not about theology. It’s about human interaction and I’m using theology and morality as examples.

I absolutely believe God exists and spoke to us through the Bible. I absolutely believe God is the source of all things good and that when He says in His Book we shouldn’t hurt ourselves in specific ways, we should listen. We human beings, with our finite lives, are just not smarter than the Creator of the Universe. That works out to my absolute belief that God’s moral guidance is right and any moral stance that disagrees with God is wrong. Mine, yours, the guy down the street — if we’re not agreeing with God, we’re morally wrong.

Ooo, see how bossy I am! I want to control everyone and force them to live their lives the way I want them to.

No, I don’t.

And — here’s something you’ll find in the Bible — neither does God. He created Mankind with free will and let Adam and Eve make their own choices. He even provided them the means to make those choices via a tree He planted in Eden and told them not to touch because if they did, it would fundamentally change their relationship with Him. The tree wasn’t magical. The change came about because of their actions. God warned them of the consequences of choosing to disobey Him, then He let them make their own decisions and face those consequences.

Why did He? God wanted Adam and Eve to obey Him voluntarily. He showed that by providing Mankind with the means to reverse the consequences of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, but He doesn’t force us to take Him up on the deal. He permits us the dignity of making our own choices and receiving the consequences of our decisions.

Now we move from the example back to the point of the article.

My moral stance is absolute — for me — and it includes the libertarian guideline of ‘leave the other guy alone” and let him/her live in dignity with the consequences of his own moral decisions. Sure, I talk to people, I debate with them about the advantages of following God’s plans, and I pray that God will put other people in their lives who will say the same things. And, no, you can’t talk me out of what I believe because I have worked my way through faith from presuppositional analysis to reasonable conclusion and I’m not changing my mind about what I am 99 percent certain is true. If that insults, enrages or otherwise frustrates you that’s your problem. I hope you come to believe what I believe voluntarily. I won’t force you. However, I will resist any coercion or force meant to change my mind or silence me about what I believe, and yes, there is a lot of societal pressure these days to convert to secularism or at least be silent on the topic.

Moral coercion goes both (or all) ways. Some people would like to control alcohol, cannabis or meat consumption. Others would like to control who/what we can have sex with, who we can enter into a marriage contract with, or how many children we’re allowed to have or whether we must send them to public school or can homeschool them, and whether we can introduce them to our nutty personal philosophies. There are those who feel zealous about drinking mega-sized sodas, smoking cigarettes, wearing baggy pants, gun ownership, who we vote for, where we go to church or if we go at all, whether we drive a “gas-guzzling” SUV, an “eco-friendly” electric hybrid or take public transportation, whether we live in an apartment, a suburban house or a tiny home,… and the list goes on and on. Moral coercion is all around us. It doesn’t matter on which side of the moral divide you’re on — all sides are guilty of trying to force or coerce the other guy to do life whichever way they think is best.

It’s led us to a stage of societal development where we resemble apes flinging crap at the walls of our cages and we wonder why. I recognize the real issue is that there are cages at all, but a good start would be for the morality nannies to stop poking each other through the bars. Stop trying to force the other guy to do it your way. Give him the dignity of his choices and maybe he’ll give you the dignity of yours.


Lela Markham is a multi-genre author and blogger, born-again Christian, libertarian Alaskan with diverse interests.

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Watch for the Anthology   1 comment

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My short will be part of the Agorist Writers’ Workshop anthology “Fire and Faith”.

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The world as you knew it is gone. Who is your neighbor?

Isolated amid a crippled country, the people of Emmaus strive to survive through Midwestern grit and ingenuity as winter looms and desperate people threaten the town’s borders. Distant opportunities beckon, food and medicine dwindle, and disease flares. With starvation just around the corner, a time of gathering in begins. Not everyone’s going to live to spring.

Shane Delaney prides himself on his ability to stay cool in troubled times, but he can’t save everyone and now it becomes clear he may not even be able to save himself. 

When the world as you knew it goes off the rails, who would you bring home?


Public Schools Are A Lot Like Prison   Leave a comment

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Cover Reveal   Leave a comment

America’s Color Revolution   Leave a comment

I’m starting to really wonder what’s going on.

Image result for image of United States color revolutionJason Kessler, the organizer of the August 12th alt-Right march in Charlottsville, VA, used to be an Occupy Wall Street organizer. He claims he’s changed his mind, but it’s well-known by those who study fringe groups, that the neo-Nazi groups have been thoroughly infiltrated by Department of Justice agents. Does that mean the march was planned by undercover agents for a reason that hasn’t been stated? You could wonder … which I do.

On the other side, who organized the masked, club-wielding Antifa counter-protesters? It’s not a spontaneous movement. Among the organizers is the Revolutionary Communist Party.  Check out their website because it’s important to know what these folks believe and what they want.

RevCom is planning a series of marches starting in November (the 100th year anniversary of the Russian Revolution, btw) with the goal of forcing the removal of the Trump administration … and not just President Trump, but Vice President Pence and the Cabinet. That is, of course, unconstitutional, but yes, THIS is a constitutional crisis because it would set aside the established electoral process that we as a country have followed for 250 years.

In reading through RevCom’s website, I was struck by their goals. They want people to go out and throw bricks, beat people up and set things on fire because they want to replace the democratic republic of the United States with a communist junta. Among their ideas is to segregate the Southeast part of the country as a black-only state. Any remaining white people in that zone would have no rights. Which is one reason they want to tear down the statues and monuments now, because communism always seeks to control history.

So other weird things that I am just wondering about.

Rumor has it that the guy who drove the car was a schizophrenic and a big-time Hillary Clinton supporter. I used to work with schizophrenics. With the right words, you can manipulate them to do things that they wouldn’t do ordinarily. Who was pulling his strings? We’ll never know, but it sounds eerily like this other incident.

Today, there was a free speech rally in Boston. I couldn’t find out much about the organizers because their Facebook pages were overrun by angry vitriol from those not interested in a conversation about free speech. Today, if the news is to be believed, the bandstand was surrounded by opposition forces, so that the speakers couldn’t speak. How is that free speech? Will we ever know what the organizers hoped to accomplish? Probably not because of groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Communist Revolution won’t let anyone they disagree with speak where they can be heard.

So, where are we headed? It sure looks like a color revolution. That’s where an uprising forces the removal of the (often) lawfully elected government to be replaced by someone (or a group of someones) who aren’t chosen by the people. Do we want the violent, club-wielding organizers of these groups to be in charge?

At best, if the entire Presidential administration is removed from power, it logically forces us to martial law — you know, like in Egypt. Because this country’s ordinary folks are armed, martial law is likely to ignite a civil war. And it probably should. Why shouldn’t we fight against a government that has been imposed on us?

I’m not calling for armed war. I’m saying that’s where it’s headed because the government RevCom is calling for would be wholly illegitimate and we the people reserve the right to impose our own sovereignty. Or should. I can’t imagine that people like me, who believe in free speech, would be allowed to exist very long under their hegemony.

I’m not afraid of this scenario. I think it’ll be a great time to be in the backwater of Alaska. But ask yourselves … would you be okay if a Communist revolution forcibly replaced the American government with a military junta bent on segregating us into warring factions within certain regional zones? You don’t have to believe me … follow the link and decide for yourself if you want Bob Avakian in charge of your country?

Stay Tuned for the Cover Reveal   2 comments

A Threatening Fragility, the third book in the Transformation Project series, will head to the beta readers next week. It should be published this fall. Soon, the cover will be ready for preview.

I recently took a couple of weeks mostly off social media to complete the working draft of the book. I reached a point where I recognized that maintaining my Twitter page was costing me time I needed to finish the book.

This book’s journey has been a more complicated than previous novels. When I published Objects in View (Book 2 of the same series) almost a year ago, I planned to turn my attention to the 3rd book in my fantasy series, Daermad Cycle, but I struggled to keep my attention on the project. I’m writing it and what I am producing is good, but I’ve had trouble concentrating on my stated primary project. I’ve written two short stories and revisited a literary fiction in my back catalog. Eventually, A Threatening Fragility won first place in this multi-pronged writing exploration. The point is to produce quality books, not to follow some predetermined publication schedule that risks causing writer’s block, which might impact my ability to produce quality books. This is the biggest advantage of being an independent author. My publishing cooperative doesn’t hold me to the same conditions a traditional publisher might.

If you’re a fan of Daermad Cycle, it’s likely you’ll need to wait until sometime in 2018 for Fount of Wraiths, but it will be good. Like fine wine, fine fantasy takes time.

If you’re a fan of the Transformation series, you can soon find out if Cai survives the Army’s search for him, if Shane kicks Rob’s butt for drugging him, if the farmers can hang onto their crops, and who is going to win the presidential wrestling match. Things are turning dark on the Kansas prairie. Come see how the people of Emmaus cope. For those unfamiliar with the series, it could be termed a libertarian apocalyptic. I don’t look for government to rescue people if society goes off the rails, but I believe powerfully in people being the heroes in their own story … individuals cooperating with other individuals to find their way to a better place. I also believe that human beings are varied in their skills and ability to cope. People who are nice in times of plenty may become evil when pressed by starvation or imbued with power. Come see how that works out in the book when it publishes sometime this fall.


Why Even Racists Need the Freedom to Speak | T.J. Brown   Leave a comment

TJ BrownTJ Brown

Found on FEE

Until recently, American political culture settled into a comfortable middle ground on matters of race. People knew what to say and how to say it, more or less. It was all very polite. Everyone obeyed the rules. This way you could stay out of trouble and avoid one of the most devastating accusations that could derail your career: the claim that you said something racist. If the claim sticks, there is no forgiveness; there is only a lifetime of suffering.

Last week, I decided to attend my first ever Black Lives Matter protest.Well, that polite truce was never a consensus; it was a coverup. And it is over. The proof is everywhere in evidence, not just among the Internet trolls who proclaim themselves champions of the white race

Source: Why Even Racists Need the Freedom to Speak | T.J. Brown

What Libertarians Want From Government   Leave a comment

Image result for image of gary johnson on energyLaurence Vance

Americans of all political persuasions want something from the government, including libertarians. But what libertarians want from the government is quite different from what liberals and conservatives want. Liberals want much from government.

To get an idea of just how much they want, just look at the new 2016 Democratic Party platform. Liberals, progressives, and socialists—all of whom always vote Democratic—want the government to:

Source: What Libertarians Want From Government

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