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Willow Branch Blue White Recreation CoverThe Willow Branch is 99 cents April 9-15.

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This is the last half day of the Kindle Countdown for Life As We Knew It.Life As We Knew It

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Life As We Knew ItLife As We Knew It is on Kindle Countdown this week. You only have 23 hours until the price goes up to $1.99. Don’t miss out!

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Life As We Knew ItLife As We Knew It will be on Kindle Countdown next week, starting February 2 through February 8.

I got an incredible compliment over the weekend. My brother read the book. He FINISHED the book. My brother is not a reader of fiction. He’s an engineer-y, math-y kind of guy. If I wrote a book on carpentry or aeronautics, he’d be excited and have had it done by New Years, but I wrote a fictional book about a terrorist attack on Kansas.

So, there are some things siblings must do for each other and my brother decided he was going to read an actual fiction book.

The first couple of chapters were slow for him and then he hit page 70 (which is when the action gets started) and he read it until he couldn’t keep his eyes open that night, got up in the morning for coffee and toast and finished the book by lunch. Now he wants to second book so badly he is grumbling that I’m also writing a fantasy series.

Yeah, I didn’t convert him into a fiction reader. His wife will give him the cliff notes on the fantasy. But it is an incredible compliment to me that he wants to read more of my books. I KNEW fiction readers would like what I write if they can discover it on Amazon and overcome their uncertainty of self-published authors, but I am encouraged that I have convinced a committed television viewer that books can be fun too.

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Willow Branch Blue White Recreation CoverThe Willow Branch will be on Kindle Countdown January 2-9.

Pick up at great fantasy at a great price.

It’ll be 99 cents for the first couple of days.




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Mirklin Wood is in edits and picking up beta readers. My goal for publication is March, which probably means it’ll actually be April, but you know, that’s the beauty and horror of self-publishing. If you’re a beta reader and would like to get in on reading a free book and helping to repair some of its flaws, drop me a line at

And if you’re a fan of the Transportation Project, Objects in View is being written because that’s what I do when I take a break from one series, is work on the other one. I am so excited about what happens to the people of Emmaus when the rain stops, which is where I left them at the end of Life as We Knew It.

And did you know I participated in a Breakwater Harbor Books anthology earlier this year? Check out Gateways and see why I love my publishing group. Lots of great authors with wonderfully realized novel realms to explore. My Pivot of Fate has some great company and tells the real story behind a legend alluded to in Daermad Cycle.


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