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Donald Trump’s Plan to Fence Foreigners Out and Americans In   Leave a comment

I am personally a fan of fences. I agree with Robert Frost’s neighbor that good fences keep us neighborly. Establishing boundaries between what is mine and what is yours is a net good. Less of my stuff walks away because I have a five-foot fence around my property. The neighborhood kids trample the flowers on our frontage, but not the ones inside the fence. My dog can exercise in the yard without dragging a rope behind her. When my kids were young, they knew where the boundaries were without being told. I’ve discovered no down sides to a fence around one’s yard.

Image result for image of migrant farm workersSo, I get the appeal of building a fence to keep out those who we feel are not good for the country. There are good reasons for wanting to control immigration in a country where, if you can hide your income, you get stuff paid for by other people. And who better than an illegal immigrant to be able to hide their income, then use false identification to get free stuff paid for by those of us who, because we’re legitimately employed Americans, cannot so easily hide our incomes. Very few of us have the Donald Trump option of massaging the tax code so we pay no taxes. In a world where it feels like our government is sucking us dry and giving us very little in return, a wall is appealing. Lela

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