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Publishing Checklist   Leave a comment

Most people think the big thing is writing the book – and it is! You can’t publish anything if you don’t write it.

But then there’s …

Editing, which requires enlisting alpha and beta readers or paying loads of money that broke writers don’t have until they become published authors and probably not even then. (CHECKED DONE)

Cover art – I’m not really an artist, but I’ve got great Publisher and decent Paint skills (CHECKED DONE)

Then there’s promoting the book. Notice I put this BEFORE publishing, because a self-published author needs to build a network BEFORE putting a book out there so that someone will know when you publish. (CHECKED IN PROGRESS)

Formatting for publication. Smashwords and Amazon have standards and since there’s nobody checking my work, I have to check it myself. Getting the Word (or equivalent) document to conversion readiness was a new skill. (CHECKED DONE)

Buying the ISBN. I’m an independent author, so my publisher (me!) has to buy an ISBN for the book I am publishing. I bought 10 because my calculations say I’ll need more before the Daermad Cycle is complete. (CHECKED DONE)

Create a Press Kit (CHECKED DONE). Upload it to my website (IN PROGRESS)

Converting to the various formats required to upload to Smashwords or Amazon (CHECKED IN PROGRESS). If my laptop screen hadn’t broken, it would be accomplished now, but it isn’t. Maybe the screen will arrive today and I’ll report tomorrow that I’ve reached this goal.

Announce online Launch Party via Facebook (COMING TO A LAPTOP NEAR ME THIS WEEK). Party to be held October 20 (barring unforeseen circumstances)



BookTrap Celebrates 100 Books   Leave a comment

Come celebrate with the indie author support group The Book Trap as we reach 100 books.

“We are celebrating our first milestone of reaching 100 books on our website. Join our party as you will have the chance to meet our authors and win lots of free books. HAVE FUN WITH US!”

Saturday, October 18!

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In Fantasy, It’s All About the Map   2 comments

Map of Celdrya for Publication


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