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How’d You Start Your Business, Blog, Or Freelance Career?
People always want to know how to start out in their niche. This means the nitty gritty details on how to do it all. Teach them how to start one of their own.


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Wow, this is an interesting topic that I don’t think I can teach anyone else. I didn’t start writing as a business. I wrote a story in the 5th grade that I hated and decided to write a better one and I haven’t stopped in several decades.

Image result for image of wordpressI love writing so much that I thought I would enjoy making my living at it, so I went to college to get a degree in journalism. I did enjoy the writing part and even some of the reporting part, but the office politics part turned me off so I eventually drifted away from journalism.

I wrote some freelance magazine articles to keep my hand in, but then I had kids and I didn’t have time. I hear tell of the mythical freelancer out there who makes a living freelancing, but I’ve never actually met such a legend. My day job does include some writing, but it is not a “writer’s” job per se.

Still, I always wrote fiction. It is a part of who I am. I don’t know that I can stop. And all of that is something I can’t teach anyone else because it’s my personal journey and I think we all walk different paths in artistry.

Starting a blog was really pretty easy. When I decided I was going to self-publish my first book The Willow Branch, someone told me I needed to start blogging to build an audience. Yeah, okay. I quickly realized that Facebook is not a blogging platform, so I decided not to go that way. As part of my day job, my boss asked me to look into a local blog which happened to be hosted by Word Press. I thought this would work. I signed up for a free account and started playing. There are still a lot of things about it that I don’t understand or make full use of, but I get my message out. Ah, but … the message ….

Image result for image of wordpressThe hardest thing about blogging is that you have to have content. I stared at the blank computer screen and went “hmm.” One thing I was certain of was that this wasn’t going to be a personal blog where I talked about ME. Not my thing. I quickly realized by looking at other blogs that writing only about my books would be boring … and not just for me, but for the readers as well. That’s no way to grow an audience. So I stared at the screen some more and then … someone posted something really nasty on Facebook and my first real blog post was born. I was working through a series on who I was – writer, non-partisan, fiscal conservative, Christian, but that hate-filled vitriolic Facebook post caused me to launch full-bore into the overriding theme of this blog “political philosophy” with Shouting Across the Chasm. It is actually kind of surprising to see how little my message has changed since 2012 and how the problems we’re addressing today are the exact same problems that existed when President Obama won his second term of office. It’s kind of amazing really. It’s like I wrote those posts just a few months ago.

Starting a blogging is really easy. Just go to and follow the instructions. Weebly is also a good site with some features that I wish Word Press had … and some features I’m glad Word Press doesn’t have. Find a platform that works for you and use it. Content is the hard part. Don’t be boring. Don’t be self-absorbed. Find something interesting to talk about.

We were supposed to get into the “nitty-gritty” details of starting our business or blog, but the fact is that blogging is easy to get into and Word Press makes designing the site relatively simple. There are some things that I struggle with and if I weren’t so cheap, I would hire someone to fix. Yeah, that’s a thing and you can find these people actually on Word Press. Pretty much anything I could teach you … if I remembered how I did it from 5 years ago … is available on Word Press’s website. Good luck. May the Force be with you and, if you learn something amazing, post it in the comments so I can learn it too.

Then there’s the novelist part of my business, but I’ll leave that for another post at another time. Lots of moving pieces to that one.


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Banner4This week’s subject is controversy or parallels between your books and actual events.

This should be a lot of fun.

Hey, everybody can have a soapbox. Why not have some fun too?  Join us!


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