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Jane Bwye’s newest book is Available on Amazon.

Check out Jane’s website

And read my interviews with Jane.

Jane Bwye Launches New Book   1 comment

When I heard that my friend Jane Bwye was launching a new ebook, I had to ask her about it and give her a high-five in the process. So I am joining her at her book launching event  on Facebook:
Jane, tell us about the new book.
Bless you, Lela! What a friend you are!
My book is a novella (30,000 words) called I LIFT UP MY EYES (quote from Psalm 121, NIV version). It will be sold as e-book only, and will be launched on Tuesday 7th October. It will be available on and .com, smashwords, and direct from Crooked Cat Publishers. My publishers are becoming more known worldwide now. Breath of Africa is also available on Google books, Tescos, etc. etc. but the new one will probably take a bit of time to filter through.
It is a story set in England, about love lost and found, and what can happen to a relationship when serious illness strikes.
I wrote it, because after Breath of Africa was accepted for publication, I felt like writing something completely different, and through my life I have been saddened by broken families because one or other partner has been unable to cope with the challenges.
Jane will send me links to the book when it becomes available on line, in the meantime, here are some testimonials by reviewers.


 A story about love lost and found, and what can happen in a relationship when serious illness strikes.

“Robert, Ann and Duncan…what a wonderfully complex, believable and sad web of emotions they spin before our wide eyes

 “…a powerful and moving story and so true to situations that may happen in life.”

 “I do like a practical and realistic faith. There is nothing whimsical or rosy coloured here, just a woman confronting one of the harder curved balls that life can throw.”

The e-book is available from:  Amazon, Smashwords and Crooked Cat

What are you up to next, Jane?
I’m about to book a flight to Kenya for next January. I’ll stay about five weeks, and soak up the atmosphere, do some more  research; do some selling of Breath of Africa paperbacks. And retreat to my daughter’s new little weekend hidey-hole in the African bush to progress the sequel to Breath of Africa! I think it will be called LAND OF HOPE – that’s it’s working title anyway.
I plan to do a bit of “exposure” of the new book over the coming weeks, sacrificing my Friday travel blog for the time being: (Tuesdays are taken up with author visits).
I am honored to promote your book, Jane. Authonomy, Harper Collins slush pile site, has a lot of great works-in-progress in need of polish, but a handful of wonderfully written books just seeking an audience. Breath of Africa was one such that simply reached out and touched me as a book that had to be read. I Lift Up My Eyes continues the same high quality.
Go check it out, folks. In the meantime — this is what folks are saying about Breath of Africa

Jane Bwye Announces Book Launch   Leave a comment

Jane BwyeMy friend Jane Bwye (Breath of Africa) has announced publication of her new book I Lift Up My Eyes.

Her online launch party is October 7 at 12:00 pm UTC+01, which I have just learned is the designation for Western European Time (I never knew how you wrote it before). You can join the festivities and RSVP at:

Her website is here:

Or you could give her some lift on Twitter:

I will be hosting her that day for a brief interview on her new book. Come visit for Writing Wednesday and here all about it.

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