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This week’s blog challenge is to tell readers three things they don’t know about me.

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What don’t people know about me?


My real name is ….

Nah! Not going to tell … but that also means I can’t be too specific about the things people don’t know about me.

I grew up in Alaska and I hate winter sports. Well, I don’t hate them exactly. I just really prefer sports that are warm. I don’t like my nose to run, my toes to sting with the cold or to endure the inevitable encounter with a moose along a cross-country skiing trail. I can and do ski (cross-country) because lots of people do here and I like socializing, but if I can drive the snow machine hauling the baggage into a remote cabin rather than ski, I am quite willing to be the one who builds the fire and puts the kettle onto thaw … yes, THAW. I did discover a few years ago when we were visiting the Lower 48 that cross-country skiing at warmer temperatures in the daylight is WAY more fun than what I’m used to. So I am ambivalent about winter sports. I’d rather play hacky sack.

I was born with the male shopping gene. If I had a choice between going into Walmart on Christmas Eve to fill a basket full of consumer items or throwing myself off a cliff to certain death, I’d really struggle with the choice. Years ago when I was a broke college student my much older brother told me I would outgrow this dislike as my income increased, but that didn’t happen for me. I still dislike the entire process of shopping. Stores are hot, the aisles are too narrow and the shelves too high, and my fellow shoppers stand WAY too close. Consequently, most of our “stuff” is old, purchased at garage sales or picked up on trips. I like open air markets, but the quickest way to lose my business is to attempt to hard-sell me. Like many guys, I know what I want before I go into a store, I tend to go right to the rack where I know I’ll find it and I get out without being distracted by everything around the item I want. My husband actually shopped for prom dresses with our daughter while my son and I talked about ravens on the “husband’s bench”. Why ravens? They are highly entertaining and there were a whole bunch of juveniles playing capture the flag pole at the building across the street, but that’s a different story.

I don’t like cut flowers. They’re beautiful when you first see them in their pretty vase, but then corruption sets in and they begin to fade. There is something so sad about watching beautiful flowers die because they’ve been severed from their roots. Because the flower growing season is so short here in Alaska, I have silk-flower arrangements that I swap out seasonally and lots of house plants. We have a pothos that is about 28 years old, started from a clipping of a pothos my brother has had for 35 years, which came from a clipping his mother in law had for decades before that. His has taken over one wall of his kitchen. We keep ours cut back, though it has three or four offspring in various parts of the house and it is our go-to housewarming gift, so it actually lives in a dozen houses around town. My husband does not buy me expensive florist arrangements. He does sometimes bring me a $5 grocery store bouquet, but he will also get out of the truck on the highway and harvest yarrow and fireweed. Yarrow especially holds up a long time when separated from its root, so it’s not so sad.

So there you go. You now know me slightly better. Maybe one of these days I’ll tell you my real name. Yeah, probably not, but there are not a lot of people who know what I think of cut flowers.

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