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Does the State Own Your Life?   Leave a comment

Apparently, England has decided they own the life of an 11-month-old child in need of medical treatment for a rare disorder. The government agency of the National Health Service has decided this child should die because it knows better than his parents what is good for him.

I have mixed feelings about this because I hear the quality-of-life arguments. On the other hand, I’ve had family friends made the decision to allow a severely disabled child to live and have seen them be blessed by the life of that child. I believe a choice like this should lie with the parents … not bureaucrats, which is all NHS doctors are.

The parents of 10-month-old Charlie Gard lost their final appeal a couple of weeks ago to travel to the United States to have him treated for a rare brain disorder. The European Court of Human Rights (EHCR) denied the appeal of London parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates, which means that his life support will be removed and, at some point, he will be allowed to die. They will allow this child to starve to death because that is somehow kinder than treating his condition and allowing him to live.

Gard and Yates raised over £1.4million in private donations via GoFundme to pay for the treatment and their travel expenses. Charlie Gard suffers from a mitochondrial disease that causes muscle weakness and brain damage.In the US, treatment would have been provided and the ongoing damage might have been prevented, but in England, he’s subject to a “death panel” that has decided he’s expendable.  His parents wanted to bring him to the United States for experimental nucleoside treatment, but the administrators and doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children denied the request. Their alternative? Withdraw life support, administer palliative care, and let Charlie “die with dignity.”

Let that sink in a minute: This treatment would cost nothing to the hospital or the National Health Service (NHS), and would have been covered completely by private donations. They denied the parents their right to determine care for their own child.

From the NHS perspective, Charlie will be a “needless eater” who won’t contribute taxes if he survives, so regardless of what his parents want, regardless of what might Charlie might want, the NHS has decided to kill this child and to wrap their act of murder in high-minded sounding rhetoric.

You want to know why I’m against single-payer medical care or even government involvement in our medical insurance?



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