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A Wood Burner’s Nightmare   Leave a comment

Tis the holiday season, and my husband was flipping through Netflix to find something family oriented to watch when he found Fireplace.

It’s 12 episodes of — well, wood-burning.

We heat our home with wood. We’ve been known to heat water on the woodstove, making dinner on the woodstove. We consider wood-burning to be the equivalent of a gym membership. There’s the tree felling, the limbing, the bucking, the hauling, the rotating, the splitting, the stacking. And that’s all before you ever carry into the house where newspapers must be rolled up into balls and those former tree limbs broken into kindling and the air set right so the fire ignites with a match and ….

Yes, the idea of watching 12 hours of wood burning does not seem at all restful to us. We watched 15 minutes and felt like we should go get more wood. Then our teenager wandered in and said “Uh, wouldn’t the fire burn really fast and waste all the wood if the door was open like that.”

We decided to go shovel snow or wash dishes — something, anything more restful that watching wood burn.

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