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Feeling the Bern while Lost in the Woods   Leave a comment

This article is hilarious and it explains another reason why Bernie Sanders as President is a silly idea.

Feel the Bern, Baby, Bern

Sanders Buying Votes in Alaska   5 comments

We went to the movies last night and then to pie at Denny’s. We were joking between the three of us, enjoying some family time, when we noticed a young man wandering around the restaurant, talking to people. He seemed like a really nice guy. None of his interactions appeared negative.

After a while, we noticed that he was working with another young man and giving him money occasionally. When Brad went to pay the bill, the line was lengthy, so I went to let the dog out of the car, so I didn’t see what happened after I left, but Brad and Kyle are good reporters. One of the young man came up to them, asked  them how they were doing, “how’s your family? Your son looks like he’s in high school. Are you old enough to vote before June?”

It was then that they noticed the Bernie Sanders button on the guy’s jacket. Kyle won’t be 18 before June 26 and he won’t quite be old enough to vote in the November election, but he has been following the election so he talked with the guy for a while. He says “Typical Sanders supporter – well-meaning, but no concept of economics or liberty.”

When they got up to the cash register, one of the young men laid down $10 toward our bill. Brad wasn’t really paying attention, but Kyle thinks they were doing this with everyone, but I had thought they were targeting younger and more sporty looking and people with younger folks. Brad was wearing Birkenstocks and shorts in March when there is still snowpack on the ground. That screams avante guard and lacking in common sense – which is my experience with Sanders’ supporters. Anyway, after he laid down the $10, he said — “Hope to see you at the caucuses tomorrow.” Alaska’s Democratic caucuses are today (Saturday the 26th) and Jane Sanders was here in Alaska this week.

In other words …

Sanders supporters are literally BUYING VOTES in Alaska.

This morning on KFAR660’s Patriots Lament a man called in to share his similar experience at Denny’s last night. He noticed that the young men seemed much more interested in talking to the workers than the customers. That’s how good socialists work. I’m thinking management didn’t get any conversation or money.

I had planned to blog on the responses I received to my question about why folks support Sanders. The responses all talked about integrity and honor. I had doubts about that after the violent protests at Trump rallies, but now they’re openly buying votes and someone I know and trust watched them do it.

Sanders is expected to win the caucuses in Alaska which is a proportional state. Sanders needs to get a lot of delegates in these later contests, so it makes sense. Alaska Democratic Party also allows people to change their registration at the poll for the primaries (58% of Alaskan voters are registered non-partisan/undeclared). And if someone gave me $10, I’d feel obligated to vote like they want.

Brad, by the way, handed the $10 back to the young man and said “You can keep your money and I’ll keep my vote.”

I am under no illusions that any of the candidates might do this. Of course, they would! Generally running for election involves making promises to spend everybody’s money on certain things that candidates believe are popular with the people who would vote for them. Bernie is promising to provide “free” medical care, housing, schooling, food, energy, etc., ad infinitum, to those people who vote for him … largely at the expense of those who won’t vote for him. So it’s not a leap that his campaign is literally buying votes at the busiest restaurant in Fairbanks on the Friday night before the Democratic caucuses.

  • Does integrity say nothing when its supporters block traffic and access to venues in an attempt to shut down freedom of speech and association?
  • Is it honorable to offer $10 off a meal for  your vote?

Apparently.I wouldn’t have voted for a socialist anyway, but now I am actually opposed to Sanders entire campaign. I would expect something like this from Trump — rather suspect it, actually — but the “I’m above the politics” message clashes with buying votes the night before the caucus.

But, hey, at least he’s being consistent about buying votes.

Calling All Sanders Supporters   4 comments

Similar to my question about Trump — why do you support Bernie Sanders for President?

If you look at my conversation with Trump voters who logged in on that same question, you can see that I’m respectful. I’m not looking to argue. I just really want to know what you see in this candidate. This is your forum to state your views about why you think he would be the best choice.


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