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Donald’s Jesus Trump   3 comments

Paul Kengor over at the American Thinker as apparently been receiving some of the same posts I have on my personal social media. He almost exactly echoes my thoughts on the subject, but he wrote it better than I would have.

I especially liked the part – halfway down the article – where he quotes a “pro-life evangelical” who says voting for Donald Trump is a sign that the religious are becoming faith-filled and trusting Jesus for the answers in politics.

You just can’t make this stuff up.


Donald ‘Jesus’ Trump

It has been hard enough for me, as a Reagan scholar, to forebear claims by Trump supporters of alleged commonalities between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. Some lost soul, in a fit of madness, composed a list of 15 uncanny “similarities” between the two. The list has gone viral and has been sent to me too many times. I’ve resisted responding to it, and — pray God — I will not need to. But speaking of God, other analogies are being made by Trump supporters that wrench my stomach so hard that I need to vent as a form of therapy. It started about six weeks ago when a family friend posted something on Facebook. It was an Old Testament verse, a prophetic one, invoked in the name of and alongside a photo of Donald Trump. I initially thought it was a joke. I will not repeat it here. It’s plainly blasphemous. Then, three weeks ago, another incident during one of my regular appearances on a syndicated Christian talk-show that I do frequently, a wonderful…(Read Full Article)

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