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Resisting the Dictatorship Mindset | J. Andrew Zalucky   1 comment

J. Andrew Zalucky

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Politics isn’t everything. Though everything has a political dimension, it is never the only dimension. The state, with its monopoly on coercion through physical violence, is the everyday arbiter of politics. Therefore, when people in power convince a population that every problem requires a political solution, that population is primed for authoritarianism. In other words, the population has adopted “The Dictatorship Mindset.” While political engagement is crucial to a functioning civil society, the politicization of every facet of life will eventually crush that society.

For example, Americans have a nasty habit of overstating the importance of the President. Important as the President is to signing/vetoing legislation and commanding the armed forces, he or she does not represent “who we are as a people” in any romantic sense. The media’s pathetic narrative of the President embodying our “hopes and dreams” is the modern equivalent of “Hail Caesar!” dressed up in insipid PR-speak. This is dangerous for two reasons.

Source: Resisting the Dictatorship Mindset | J. Andrew Zalucky

Let’s Elect a Dictator   2 comments

I’m seriously embarrassed to be an American right now. I don’t recognize this country anymore.

Why do we want to elect a dictator?

Let’s just look at the three people who are front runners in the 2016 Presidential race.

Hillary has a history of dictatorial behavior and comments. She wants a cradle to grave social security system with the absolutely authority to take children from their parents, put people in jail for opposing her policies, and the ability to disarm the population so that we cannot fight back. She would be an elected dictator.

Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist. You know the saying, now pretty well-worn, “democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner”. There’s a second line to that — Liberty is the sheep contesting the vote (and I would add) with a gun to back their opposition up. So democracy can and has led to tyranny. Hitler was elected to h is position after all before he became a dictator.

In order for socialism to work, society has to agree to give up personal liberty. Socialism is central planning of the economy which requires central planning of our lives. To give everybody no-personal-cost stuff requires that the government take money from those who work and produce comfortable incomes and give it to the people who qualify for no-personal-cost stuff. You are either enslaved by having your earned income taken from you or by relying on your government for your basic necessities. That takes your choices away from you and a life without choices is tyranny.

Bernie may be well intentioned, but to institute his ideals requires a dictatorship. And, historically, he’s expressed  admiration for dictatorships so I’m not convinced of his intentions. It may be (for a time) a lovely gilded cage, but eventually, you’ll run up against what you cannot do in this comfy society because everyone must fulfill their role in a planned economy. If you try to step out of your assigned role, you will run up against the boundaries placed around you — fined, regulated into inaction or jailed. Democratic socialism cannot allow people who do not walk in lock step with the rest of society. Remember, Hitler was elected under the democratic socialist banner.

Donald Trump – ah, Donald! We all know the outrageous things he says – fomenting hatred of women, Mexicans, Muslims, the Chinese. His plan for tariffs will likely set off a very deep Depression. Follow the link to study the Smoot-Hawley tariffs and their role in turning the Depression of 1929 into the 12-year-old Great Depression that existed nowhere else in the industrialized world, but may well have encouraged the nationalism that created the Fascist movement.

But what’s more, you can listen to what he says when asked certain questions. He honestly believes that the Army should obey him about anything regardless of whether they object or it goes agains their oath.

This shouldn’t surprise us. He’s a businessman and he’s used to his employees doing what he wants, without opposition, because he owns the company.

While that works in the business world, it violates the Constitution.The president doesn’t lawfully possess sweeping power to do what he wants. And a president who doesn’t undestand that is an dictator.

All three of these politicians (and, yes, Trump became a politician the minute he threw his hat into the ring) are asking you to elect them as dictator. They know what’s best for you. Just put them in office and they will give you what you need in your life.

And once they’ve been elected, you will live according to the dictates of their dictatorship until you have an opportunity to elect someone to replace them. We’ve seen how well that worked with eight years of Obama.

Just stop and take a deep breath and ask yourself — Is this really the best choice for the country? What are the long-term consequences of this election?

We don’t get any mulligans on this. Elections have consequences. Take a really good look at that quote by Orwell. What is the purpose of revolution?

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