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Former president George W Bush donates to Sullivan | Juneau Empire – Alaska’s Capital City Online Newspaper   Leave a comment

Former president George W Bush donates to Sullivan | Juneau Empire – Alaska’s Capital City Online Newspaper.

I wasn’t planning on voting for Dan Sullivan anyway, but this donation by President Bush convinces me even more not to. It is indicative of the GOP progressivism that conservatives need to stand against. Alaska needs to vote for someone who will represent Alaska, not Ohio, and right now, that’s Mead Treadwell who has been running his campaign on 80%+ Alaska donations.


BEGICH’S REELECTION PITCH: I’M A THORN IN OBAMA’S (POSTERIOR) – Silicon Valley billionaire gives to GOP — Carper names comms team – EMILY’S LIST DEMS AVOID ABORTION TALK – POLITICO Huddle –

According to Alaska pollsters (as opposed to Outside pollsters), Begich is losing to Dan Sullivan and possibly Mead Treadwell, who is actually neck-and-neck with Sullivan in in-state polls.

Alaskans don’t want a minor inconvenience representing us in Washington. We want someone who will loudly demand that we be heard. We haven’t gotten that with Begich and I think many Alaskans are thinking we’re not going to get that with Sullivan.

Outside Contributions Flood Alaska Senate Primary   1 comment

Dan Sullivan (right) is pictured. | AP PhotoDan Sullivan is running for the GOP primary in hopes of being the nominee against Mark Begich in the 2014 US Senate race in Alaska.

Four of every $5 comes from somewhere outside of Alaska. In Sullivan’s case, his brother is a big business man in Ohio (think Rust-Oleum), so he got the largest part of his donations from Ohio. His largest single contributor is Friends for an American Majority, which is a new moderate GOP group designed (near as I can figure) to balance the tea-party conservatives.

I’m not going to attempt to deal with partisan wrangling here. My interest is what is in the best interest of Alaskans.

Alaskans are understandably wary of outside contributions because of our colonial relationship with the federal government. We need our representatives in the House and Senate to represent Alaskan interests.

Why should Alaskans vote for candidates who get most of their funds from out of state? How does that benefit we who live here?

He who holds the purse strings pulls the puppet strings.

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