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Renaissance Woman   7 comments

If you weren’t an author, what other art would you likely pursue?

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So Many Choices

If I weren’t a writer, how would I feed my need to be creative? There are so many choices. Creativity is a broad range of avenues. My daughter is a musician and visual artist who mostly works in t-shirts today, but used to do some lovely metal art. My son doesn’t have her voice, but he’s become quite a good guitarist and he’s learned to sing in his range. My husband invents heating appliances. I always admire people who can decorate their houses. My father was a chef (another art my daughter dabbles in). My mother was a USO dancer and my daughter danced ballet, hip hop, highland and modern. My friend Karen sews amazing clothes, especially kuspuks (Alaska Native parka covers). Quilting is one of the ministries of the women of our church. In the Fairbanks Airport there’s a 20-foot long fiber tapestry hanging in a stairwell. My sister’s adoptive father was a world-renowned wildlife photographer. An uncle could make a plain suburban yard look like a rich estate garden. There’s a neighbor who does wonderful carpentry that makes his house stand out from the rest of ours. Creativity comes in many forms.

I’ve dabbled in most of the things I list above. I don’t create heating appliances, but I do help him with his marketing. Nobody wants to hear me sing, but I helped my son write a song’s lyrics. I quilt. I do carpentry. I do photography. I dabble in cooking food — my emphasis is on taste, not presentation, however. Although I can draw and would love to get good at painting, I mostly construct collages that become book covers.

What Would I Choose?

Wow, I have to narrow down my choices? That would be tough. I think I’d choose photography. In fact, I think I have already chosen photography as that is the medium I use for constructing collages. But don’t expect me to give up quilting, cooking or writing. Creative people need to be creative or we die.

Enough said by me on that subject. I wonder what my fellow authors are choosing.

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Christian Creatives in a Fallen World   1 comment

In case you can’t tell from the sudden drop-off of blog posts, my ordinary life got busy. I am also trying a few other things, just for variety. For example, I am posting over at Christian Creative Nexus, which this blog post comes from. I’m also thinking about asking my Facebook questions here on Aurorawater Alaska. And I’m now on MeWe. New territory helps to expand networks … I hope.


I’m one of those Christian creatives who does not advertise my works as “Christian”. Historically, Christian creatives didn’t claim a territory and label themselves. We don’t think of Bach as a “Christian” musician, but rather a great composer who made his living as a church organist. Unless you’re a history geek like me, you might not know about his deep and abiding faith. Although we now think of CS Lewis as a “Christian” author, his fictional works weren’t advised as such when he was publishing because Christians of that era hadn’t decided to paint themselves into a box with a label. Back when I was a kid Elvis Presley (not an example of a “good” Christian, but a man with a church background) and Johnny Cash (by that time, a reprobate saved by Christ) were singing gospel tunes right along with their secular tunes on regular radio … and my non-believing parents didn’t find that the least bit odd.

I want modern Christian creatives to step out of the box labeled “weird” and “other” and place the products of our creativity where we can act as salt and light in the dark world around us. I think Christian creatives have a lot to give to the secular world if we’re willing. But how do we do that?

I think it starts with a conversation among Christian creatives about what it means for us and our creative works to be “in the world, but not of it.” There’s nothing wrong with being counter-cultural, but at least some of us should be speaking to the society around us without painting ourselves into a self-segregated box where our books end up in that lonely section at Barnes & Noble. The real trick is doing that while also paying respect to our Savior and the flawed human beings who follow Him.

Let’s explore that together.

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