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My Turn: Hobby Lobby decision should outrage Alaskans | Juneau Empire – Alaska’s Capital City Online Newspaper   Leave a comment

My Turn: Hobby Lobby decision should outrage Alaskans | Juneau Empire – Alaska’s Capital City Online Newspaper.

What Mark does not get … what the Democrats in general do not get … is that Hobby Lobby is not denying contraceptive coverage to its employees. There are 20 different kinds of “contraceptives” required to be covered under ACA. Hobby Lobby objected to four because they do not prevent pregnancy, but rather allow conception to occur and then chemically abort the resulting zygot.

These are not contraception. They are abortificients.

And, I am anything BUT outraged that I don’t have to pay for someone else’s abortion. There are still 16 methods for actually preventing pregnancy available that Hobby Lobby and other Christian employers should be fine with providing.

For the record, most evangelical Christians support the use of contraception, but oppose abortion and abortificients.

I this is yet another reason I won’t be voting for Mark.

On Being Pro-Choice   Leave a comment

This is actually a fleshing out of something I posted on someone else’s blog.

The discussion was abortion. You’d think an evangelical mother of two would be anti-abortion, but I said I was pro-choice over there.

Life involves choices. We’re surrounded by them all the day long. Being against the murder of babies in the womb does not mean you’re anti-choice. It means you recognize a whole range of choices that others often seem to ignore.

We have a choice to take responsibility for our own behavior. We’re not brute animals condemned to act upon our instincts. Yeah, sex is fun and primal, but a part of being human is the ability to control yourself. My grandparents had six children in a day before there was contraception. At a family gathering once (in the midst of the Sexual Revolution), one of the granddaughters asked Grandma how it was that her children were spaced years apart and they only had six. Grandma replied “We found ways to love one another that didn’t make babies.” She never said what she meant by that, but Grandma and Grandpa were known for being physically affectionate with one another. It’s interesting to note that, demographically, the smallest generation in American history were the children born (or not born) in the Great Depression. Yes, some people were having abortions, but many others were delaying marriage (provable through demographics) and “finding ways to love one another that didn’t make babies”. People exercised the choices available to them at that time and we can do the same today.

Sex is fun and primal, so it’s fortunate that controlling ourselves on that level is no longer required. We modern Westerners have the choice to use contraception. Today’s contraceptives are highly effective, some as high as 99% if used according to directions. I have never personally met anyone who got pregnant while using contraception … other than condoms. Condoms fail so often in the laboratory (23%) that they really shouldn’t be used as a form of contraception except in conjunction with another form, where they can improve effectiveness. There are literally dozens of choices in contraception. There is no real excuse for not using some form of it if you want to have sex and don’t want to get pregnant.

It is absolutely sickening to me that in a society where contraception is as available as it is and as effective as it is, that we abort so many children. It sickens me because it shows just how lazy and irresponsible so many people are when it comes to their sexuality.

The slim chance that contraception will fail does exist. You’re in the 3% who that happens to. Now what? You still have choices.

My mother was a sexually active female in post-war America, when contraception was not easily obtained or effective. In 1958, she found herself pregnant by a man she wasn’t married to. A doctor here in Fairbanks would perform abortions, but he didn’t do them lightly (that murder charge he was facing if caught might have been one reason). He gave his patients the phone number the Sisters of Providence in Anchorage and sent them home to think about their choices. My mom made use of that phone number and I have a sister who was adopted. I hope she had a good life and I’ve taken steps so she can contact me if she chooses. Mom made a hard choice … a loving choice. She took responsibility for her own sexuality, carried the pregnancy to term and gave her baby to people who wanted a child badly. I’m sure my sister would thank her for it if she knew her.

Mom got pregnant out of wedlock again in 1960. She went to Dr. Weston again, but this time things were different. She was dating my dad. She was sure that a 47-year-old man who had never had kids wouldn’t want a baby, but when he found out that she was pregnant, he took responsibility for his own sexuality. I thank them both for that choice.

I have serious reservations about the use of the “morning after” pill. Contrary to popular belief, it is not without health risks to the woman. However, I would reserve its use for incidences of rape. I think there should be a police report involved, however. Remember that the woman behind the Roe v Wade case claimed a rape that she later admitted didn’t happen.

We are surrounded by choices and the road to the table with the stirrups has many waypoints along the way. I’m pro-choice, but anti-abortion. I think we have dozens of choices we can make before we choose to commit murder. I’m all about the choices. I just don’t think that murdering our children should be one of them.

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