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Democrats Now the Bloodiest War Party   1 comment

Image result for image of hillary clintonThe Democratic Party has moved from being what you might call a reluctant war party to an aggressive war party with its selection of Hillary Clinton as its presumptive presidential nominee. With minimal debate, this historic change brings full circle the arc of the party’s anti-war attitudes that began in 1968 and have now ended in 2016.

Since the Vietnam War, the Democrats have been viewed as the more peaceful of the two major parties, with the Republicans often attacking Democratic candidates as “soft” regarding the use of military force.

Source: Democrats Now the Bloodiest War Party

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The First Ever Congreswoman Was the Anti-Hillary Clinton | Daniel Bier   Leave a comment

“I felt the first time the first woman had a chance to say no to war, she should say it.”

Source: The First Ever Congreswoman Was the Anti-Hillary Clinton | Daniel Bier

The disappearing stimulus Republican American   Leave a comment

While traveling across the country with your kids this summer, be sure to buckle up and do your best to overlook all the potholes and crumbling bridges out there. Even if funding were available, things probably would remain in disrepair until your kids are grown, thanks to big government regulations and red tape.

Source: The disappearing stimulus Republican American

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Penn Jillette on the Clintons: Quote of the Day | Anything Peaceful   Leave a comment

“Why do people who support Hillary think that what she’s saying is to manipulate other people and not to manipulate them?”

Source: Penn Jillette on the Clintons: Quote of the Day | Anything Peaceful


When others say it better than I do, why not use it? I said something very similar to a Bill supporter 25 years ago. They didn’t listen then, either. Check out the whole article. The quote is great, but it’s better supported by examples.  Lela

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A Strike Against Tyranny   1 comment

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Another Reason Not to Vote for Hillary   1 comment

Please remember that I’m on record as not planning to vote for Donald Trump either. I will never vote for a major party candidate again just because I fear their opponent will win. I came to that conclusion because I see in the Hillary vs. Donald matchup that they are equally odious choices for different reasons. Both would be tyrants if they got into power and after eight years of Obama’s sit-down-and-shut-up-elections-have-consequences rule, I fear our system of liberty cannot bounce back after eight years of another dictator-in-chief.

But, the subject is why I am not voting for Hillary.

First – I’m not voting for her because I oppose nepotism in all its forms. If you own a private business, you have a right to give the business to your kid, but you really ought to pause and ask yourself why most businesses fail in the second or third generation. Nepotism is a poor reason to invest anything of value into the hands of someone else.

Second – I’m not voting for her because I don’t think her husband should be anywhere near the Oval Office ever again. These are unscrupulous people in the same vein as the de Medici family — ruthless, self-serving, utterly morally-bankrupt.

Third – her record as Senator is, uh, not stellar. In 2007, the Daily Kos (using figures from reported she had introduced 337 bills and only two non-controversial ones had passed. That record is better than Mark Begich (former senator from Alaska) and we fired him for his incompetence. DK’s analysis is available for you to read, but basically, Hillary introduced more legislation than almost any other senator, but wasn’t able to get anyone to pass it. So, when people point to her “experience” as a senator, I think “you mean her inability to learn as a senator. Her passage ratio was about 1/3 of an average freshman senator’s passage ratio.

Four – her record as Secretary of State can be summed up in one compound word WARMONGER.

Fifth – and this comes courtesy of my friend Mark Johnson who grew up in the California foster care system and is himself a foster parent.

“Hillary absolutely needs to apologize to foster children across the United States for her abominable law and it’s 20 years of taking basic rights away from parents and children.”

Mark has a lot of facts and figures he can cite, but we agreed that this article pretty much says what he would say (except for the “I only vote for Democrats” part) if he were a columnist. Mark is a counselor in the Los Angeles area, so has much more experience in this field than I do. He’s been the victim of the system before Hillary got her grubby little hands on it and he is fighting every day to prevent Hillary’s “improved” system from utterly destroying kids and demonizing parents for doing what parents are supposed to do.

Six – her cozy relationship with WallStreet guarantees she will further the crony capitalism (really mercantilism) system in Washington DC.

So, that’s six reasons that are fact based, but then there is a seventh personal character reason. Hillary Clinton is a shrill, nasty person who shows her butt on a regular basis. She is every bit as odious as Trump, so I will not be voting for either one of them.

I wish the Libertarian Party had nominated someone other than Gary Johnson. They had better options than him, but I’m guessing a similar situation occurred with them as occurred with the GOP and the Democrats. Voters are dumb and they’ll let anyone track mud in the house. Johnson’s view of religious liberty is problematic for me, because he clearly thinks there isn’t any such thing and that government coercion is okay in some instances … but I suspect Trump, Clinton and Sanders oppose religious liberty even more than Johnson and they won’t have anyone advising them on Constitutional issues because they don’t believe the Constitution has any authority. I have no idea why the Libertarians allowed Johnson to pick a Republican for his running mate. I see no difference between Weld and a moderate progressive Republican on many issues.

But, you know what? No candidate is ever perfect and when I tick off boxes of what I need to support a candidate in 2016 — Johnson will do less harm than any of the other three. He has a record that shows that.

So ….

I would suggest Democrats check out the Libertarian Party too. Although they have a very different view of fiscal issues than Democrats, you will find their liberty stance will allow you to pretty much live your life as you want without interference from the government. Take a peek and see what you think.

Above all, this election at this critical juncture in American history requires that we all THINK before we cast our votes.

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A Perfect Storm of Legal Misery   Leave a comment

A Perfect Storm

The bad legal news for Hillary Clinton continued to cascade upon her presidential hopes during the past week in what has amounted to a perfect storm of legal misery. Here is what happened.

Source: A Perfect Storm of Legal Misery


LELA: I’ve been picking on Trump lately, but the fact is that I’m not voting for Hillary either. The above explains one of the many reasons why. The best thing we can do in this election cycle is to get over our obsession with the two-party system and VOTE 3rd PARTY.

Why I’m Am Not a Party Member   2 comments

So, Trump won the GOP party’s popularity contest and the GOP party was not happy about that. Paul Ryan, who I respect as one of the more conservative, thoughtful members of the GOP, expressed the party’s angst by saying he was “just not ready yet” to embrace Trump. But amid louder voices saying that the party must rally around Trump, Ryan is now softening.

I also respect(ed) Ben Carson, who claims he endorsed Trump because he sat down with Trump in private and found a different man than the bombast we see on the debate stage.

Maybe that’s true. Trump is a showman and it is entirely possible that he is channeling politicians from before the TV era, who showed one face to the public and another behind closed doors. My grandfather knew Teddy Roosevelt from his (failed) ranching days. Trust me — TR was not who his adoring public thought he was and if they had known him like my grandfather knew him, they would never have voted for him.

The public is generally stupid. No, you can’t argue with me against that one. Hillary Clinton is the front-runner in the Democratic Party and Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. The public made that possible and that is more than enough evidence of mass stupidity somewhat akin to the German people electing Hitler. We believe the smoke and mirrors and never look beyond the surface. Oh, we may reject Hillary or Trump for some very specific reasons, but then we select the other one on surface image alone, pretending that since they aren’t the one who we hate the most, they’ll be a good leader. All the while, we are choosing between two tyrants as if it mattered which one we put into office.

And, no, I am not comparing either of the two likely-nominees to that murderous tyrant of the 20th century. I’m comparing the American public circa 2016 with the German public circa 1932. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter which one of these candidates the nation votes for … we the people are going to regret it … deeply. And our pain and suffering will be on us … well, on any of you who vote for either of these two would-be royals.

I’m not a political party member because I don’t want to feel obligated to “rally round” the winner of the party popularity contest. The public may like them. The public is stupid.

Once again, I put out the plea — make your vote in November count for something more than a tick mark on a score sheet.

Vote 3rd party and send a message that we’re done with business as usual.

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Hillary’s Secret Weapon   Leave a comment


May 5, 2016

Last weekend, Hillary Clinton dispatched her husband, former President Bill Clinton, to offer a defense of her alleged espionage. The espionage allegations against her are that in order to escape public and Obama administration scrutiny, she had all of her emails as secretary of state diverted from a secure government server to a non-secure server in her home in Chappaqua, New York, and, in so doing, failed to protect state secrets in at least 2,200 instances during her four-year tenure.

The essence of her husband’s defense is that the secrets were not secrets when she saw them and the investigation of her is all “a game.”

Hillary’s Secret Weapon

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Wow, Now That Is Weird!   Leave a comment

So, Ted Cruz is dropping out of the Republic primary race, virtually guaranteeing a Trump nomination.

CNN says there won’t be a contested convention. In the same week, Bernie Sanders is promising a contested convention on the Democratic side.

Now, that would be interesting, though not as interesting as the double contested-convention I was hoping for. As I type this, Kasich has just dropped out, so Trump is the presumptive nominee … unless the GOP decides to rewrite its rules, which it can do since it is a private organization.

I don’t think Trump can beat Hillary Clinton, but I’m pretty sure he can beat Bernie because I don’t think the country has totally lost its mind … but I could be wrong, because Trump is so-far the winner of the GOP popularity contest and I’m still trying to figure that one out.

I hope everyone who is voting for Trump understands that the GOP is a private club that takes a popularity contest among the voters, but it under no obligation to actually run the candidate that the popular vote suggests.

I personally LOVE that idea. Both major parties have been in need of a house-cleaning for a long time and I think it would be fun to watch them air their dirty linens in public. But  I think the GOP old-guard knows that they will lose control to the conservatives if such a party redefinition occurs.

So, I’m still voting 3rd Party — probably Libertarian, although that could change if they nominate Gary Johnson or if upon reading the Alaska ballot when they publish it in August, I find someone I like better through my research. Remember, I’m an issues voter and really couldn’t care less about who looks “more presidential” or has the better sound-bites.

This election cycle it is really not about winning for me. It’s about principles and knowing that I did not help to elect a dictator … which is what either Trump or Clinton will be as president.

Brad suggests that if Trump wins the general, Obama will refuse to step down. Could be as he’s always come off as a potential dictator to me. If I believed conspiracy theories, I’d think the whole Trump campaign was created to give the White House to Hillary because there is no way she could actually win against a sane candidate.

Of course, if she’s under indictment for her emails at the time of the November election, it will be interesting to see what her poll numbers are then.

Just a few thoughts.

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