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In summary on the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, I agree in theory with what they accomplished, but they were written in a period of national crisis and that’s never a good time for substantive change. I think if you could poll every American adult, you’d find less than 1% of us would like to see a return of slavery. That is really not the point. The point is that these amendments were not carefully thought out. The exception in the 13th is a problem of a scale that is growing in enormity as America becomes the country with the highest percentage of incarcerated citizens in the world. The 14th Amendment has been used to blungeon the states in submission to the federal government. The 15th has been used as an excuse to violate state sovereignty in the area of voting and is currently used as an excuse to tacitly allow non-citizens to vote in American elections.

Looking at our past actions with regard to repairing them is what the original Framers were doing and it is perhaps a good idea now for us to do so again. The idea is not to radically change our government, but to reconfirm our commitment to it and to reform it when and where we see a pressing need that can gain the approval of 75% of the voting public as represented by our state legislators.

I believe that the exercise itself would be good for this country, providing ownership of the Constitution for this generation. The fact that it takes a broad consensus of opinion to change it means we’re all going to need to talk about it.

Wow! Communication? Now there’s a concept!

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