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This week’s hop involves interviewing a character from one of our books.

Of course, anyone who creates characters can join us.


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Meet My Character – Gregyn   1 comment

Gregyn is a very complicated character who could develop into a hero or into a formidable enemy. His origins are mysterious — he’s not even sure how old he is and although his first memories are of the slums of Llyr, he doesn’t have any family to confirm that is where he was born.

Gregyn isn’t a cold-hearted villain … yet, but he is ambitious and has been raised with less than adequate moral boundaries. Readers can love him or hate him and they can want the best for him or the comeuppance he deserves.

But do not take this young mage lightly because he is very powerful and his strongest loyalty is to himself.

Meet My Character – Ryanna   Leave a comment

Ryanna seems to follow Padraig naturally because she is his love interest, but she is also her own woman. She will never need rescuing by Padraig because her sword skills are better than his, which is not to say she’s going to best Tamys or even Gregyn any time soon.

Tall and beautiful by Celdryan standards, this half-elf has grown up in the Kin society where beauty is commonplace.. Strong-willed and brusque, she knows her own strengths, but is occasionally blinded by her weaknesses. Whereas Padraig is guided by an ever-present faith, Ryanna questions herself and her place in the One’s plans.

Ryanna is Padraig’s love interest, but there are no promises between them … no braids have been exchanged … for Ryanna is married to another man. This complicates her relationship with Padraig because the Kin only recognize divorce in very limited circumstances.  Half-elves are known for being hasty and haste is what Ryanna’s first marriage was built upon — hence, her holt (a community of Kin) are slow to grant her divorce.

Ryanna may well be the most powerful sorceress in Daermad and this makes her extremely important to the Kin and possibly all the various factions of druids in Celdrya and may well attract the attention of a powerful Celtic goddess.

In addition to Padraig and her former husband, Ryanna’s other significant relationship is with Sabre, but more on him later. And, then there’s the dragon ….

I love a good mystery, so of course there is a connection between Ryanna and Donyl, but I’m not telling what it is.


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