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We Gotta Have a Woman!   3 comments

Now that we’ve had a black president, we have to have a female president. That’s really what Hillary’s candidacy is all about. Forget about the dynastic element, ignore the violations of national security laws as Secretary of State, don’t worry your heads about her leaving four Americans on the ground in Benghazi so her little black flag event could teach Americans not to speak the truth about Islam — we need a woman.

Maybe, but we don’t need THAT woman.

And, we have a choice. Carly Fiorino is way far down in the polls, but she’s worth looking at because I fear that a man running against Hillary will spend all of his time defending against the charge of misogyny rather than talking about the issues. At least, that will be the strategy of Hillary supporters, to couch everything the GOP candidate, if male, says as a hit against women.

In my opinion, she is the only true feminist in the race … the kind of woman who has worked with men on a competitive basis and who would not put up with her husband cheating on her. She also did not get into this race on her husband’s coat tails. That is real feminism, unlike the dynastic nepotism entitlement sense I get from Hillary.

I agree with Fiorino on abortion. This is not a single issue for me. I could still vote for a pro-abortion candidate so long as they weren’t for government funding of abortion. That is a make or break for me because it would require that I fund genocide and I can’t face my God with a clean conscience even if I was obeying tax law. But I don’t have that problem with Fiorino.

I mostly agree with her on the economy — zero-based budgeting has worked to provide clarity and transparency to government funding and the key to economic recovery is less government, lower taxation and reduction in regulations.

I admire her for her work in the business community and I don’t have a problem with her tenure at Hewlett-Packard.  I agree with her on crony capitalism leading to and being supported by socialism. Her emphasis on small business as opposed to big corporations is my kind of capitalism.

She’s a state sovereignty libertarian on drug issues. Since her stepdaughter died of addiction, I can understand her ambivalence on the subject.

Again, anytime the educational monopoly is being broken up, I am in favor of it. Actual competition is the cure to educational mediocrity in the US.

I mostly agree with her on energy and oil and she would have laughed at Marco Rubio’s Employment Prevention Agency joke.

She is a free market person on subjects like paid maternity leave. If companies want to do it, great. If they don’t or can’t afford it, then government shouldn’t destroy companies by mandating it. That just favors major corporations that can afford it, by the way.

Like Ben Carson, I feel she has been pushed in foreign policy areas by a perceived need to be “tough” on the subject. She dropped in the polls with that move. Maybe that’s why. She has a lot of foreign travel experience, by the way.  However, her view of government spying on Americans is very similiar to Rubio and Kasich — it’s fine with her. She would trade liberty for security and that concerns me.

To a large extent, her views on government reform mirror Carson – allowing the federal government to reduce by a hiring and pay freeze, a recognition that the private market is harmed by government growth.

One statement she made that I really like is that “change is not bad; it’s necessary.”

Her gun control stance is Constitutional.

Her views on health care are sensible. The government shouldn’t be involved in health care. A competitive insurance market rather than the current state-limited crony system would correct the problems ObamaCare pretends to address.

Fiorino is the only candidate I’ve heard say that we should do something to fix the 14th amendment to define birthright citizenship. I opposed the Dream Act, but I’m not a single issue voter, so I can live with her support of it. She was right to support Arizona on immigration when the Obama administration was turning a blind eye to an invasion from Mexico.

Fiorino is, as far as I can tell, the only candidate in the race who has ever created an actual job. Well, maybe Ben Carson and Rand Paul have done so as doctors need support staff.

“Great leaders inspire others to do it themselves.”  I absolutely agree.

Fiorina recognizes that entitlements are the carrot government dangles in front of people to encourage us to keep the elites in power.

She wants to reduce the 73,000-page tax code to 3 pages. Sounds wonderful. It would require burning the current tax code and starting anew. Sounds wonderful. And a completely uphill battle.

Because she has not held office, it is impossible to know what she would be like as president. If the goal is to simply get a GOP candidate into the Oval Office, she has the best chance against Hillary, but probably not against Bernie Sanders.

I like her and if Hillary seems she’s going to take the nomination, I might vote pragmatically in the GOP primary, which is March 1 in Alaska. Maybe … I don’t know.


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