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26698269I participated in Breakwater Harbor Books anthology Gateways, which will be available October 1 on Amazon. It’s listed on Goodreads.

A stand-alone short story featuring characters and a historical event from the land of Daermad, Pivot of Fate was my first short story in 25 years and I think it turned out well as an introduction to the world I brought to life in The Willow Branch and will continue to reveal in Murklin Wood.

In addition, it offers peaks into the universes of several Breakwater Harbor Books authors, mostly in the speculative fiction realm. Please check it out.

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I belong to a great imprint — the author’s cooperative at Breakwater Harbor Books. I’ve recently started posting occasionally on the blog.

Go check out the great authors of there. Our authors write fantasy, horror, romance, science-fiction, psychological thrillers, dystopian, Christian (of multiple genres), humor, cyber punk ….

Each writer is an independent author working together to improve our product.

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Star Fire: A Jack Lombard Story

By Mike Lee

Captain Vince Lombard, G-Marine company commander, is tasked with tracking down a stray ship. The Alliance Military Ship StarFire has gone silent, and previous attempts to locate her have resulted in the loss of more ships. After two previous wars with xenospecies humanity bumped into while expanding into space, no one knows what might be the cause of StarFire’s missing in action status. And internal politics between Fleet command and the Galactic Marine Corps might mean that, unless something is done, humanity may get the news it’s at war with yet another new race about the time they show up to attack one of the human systems in the sector.

A prequel to the book “Fey,” this story is a novelization of the story Vince related to Blondie in the previous book, which many readers requested. I’m happy to accomodate my readers by providing this novel-length version of that story.

One of the quality books associated with Breakwater Harbor Books.

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Kiss Her in the Moonlight   1 comment

I’m getting around to promoting some of my fellow Breakwater Harbor Books authors and I’ve chosen Mindy Haig for today.

The first book could be described as a romantic time-travel. From the BHB blog —

Kiss Her in the Moonlight

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This week’s Writing Wednesday interview is with Dee Harrison, author of Firelord’s Crown, which is published under the Breakwater Harbor Books imprint. I’m just getting to know my fellow BHBers and from time to time, I will be hosting some of them on this blog. Dee and I actually know each other from Authonomy too. Tell us something about yourself, Dee.

Hi, thank you for giving me this opportunity. Well, I was born in Nottingham, UK, which is famous for its associations with Robin Hood. My grandmother would often take me and my sisters to Nottingham Castle when we were young. It’s basically a Victorian house now but there are still parts of the medieval castle left, including some spooky underground tunnels. We also went to Sherwood Forest and other such places so, from an early age, I was steeped in myth and history. I went on to study Medieval History at Nottingham University and got really interested in the myths and legends of the time. That set me off on the idea of creating my own ‘historical’ tales.


Oh, I’m jealous! What a great world for a fantasy writer to grow up in!

These days, as well as writing, I work as a specialist teacher and assessor. I feel for those people who find reading a burden or too difficult and try to help them build their skills to the point where they can function in the hopes that, one day, they may come to enjoy reading as much as I do. 


firelords crown small copyThat’s interesting. I used to teach English as a second language to the foreign born as part of our church’s ministry. It’s very rewarding and I built some great relationships with some wonderful people. So, what are the major literary influences in your writing?

I don’t expect there are many fantasy writers who haven’t been compared, favourably or not, with J R R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I first read the trilogy when I was ten and I still dip into it every now and then. I must admit, I do skip over some of the wordier descriptive passages but, when he wrote it, he did not have the advantage of people being well-acquainted with foreign landscapes from film and TV as we do. Michael Moorcock, too, was and is an influence (more below) and so is Roger Zelazny, especially his Amber series. Female writers are in there as well: Anne McCaffrey, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Katherine Kurtz and Mercedes Lackey, to name but a few.


I loved Kurtz myself! Is there a book or books that inspired you to become a writer?

When I was a young teen I went on a caravan holiday with my best friend to the south coast. It rained virtually the entire week and we spent a lot of time inside the van. Luckily we both enjoyed reading but soon got through the books we’d brought with us. The campsite shop had a small book section and that’s where I found The Sleeping Sorceress by Michael Moorcock. I was amazed. I’d never read a book like that before and immediately fell in love with Elric. From then on I was a fantasy fan and I have been ever since. When I came to write my own books that’s what I had in the back of my mind.


What is your writing process?

I roughly map out where the story is going, with major plot lines, characters etc. I literally draw a map as I go along and keep a timeline, as well as lists of characters. I write chronologically in the main, though if I’m hit by inspiration for a scene or piece of dialogue I’ll note that down at the time. I tend to craft most sentences as I go along, I don’t just bang the words down then tidy up later. This makes me slower initially than a lot of other writers but saves me editing time later on. Sometimes I’ll come up with an idea for a short story and write it up straight off. Then I have to resist turning it into a full-length novel!


Every short story I’ve ever written has become a novel at a later date. I compliment your self-control. Let’s say you were about to be banished to a remote Alaskan cabin. I’ll make it easy for you. It’s summer, so it’s warm and the cabin is already stocked with basic food stuffs and bug spray. What books do you take with you?

Whichever book I’m currently reading tends to be my favourite! I would take Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files; Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy; lots of Michael Moorcock books, especially the Elric ones; Mercedes Lackey’s herald-Mage series; and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. For starters, of course!


Well, of course. You can never have too many books! Tell us about the Firelord’s Legacy, which is a series of books in the epic sword and sorcery vein.

Firelord’s Legacy has been described as a classic fantasy series. Originally planned as a trilogy, I decided to divide books two and three in half to make a total of five, as those volumes were quite substantive. The books are based on a world called Riom which, thanks to a magical catastrophe two thousand years previously, is facing destruction. The only hope is to restore The Firelord’s Crown, which was instrumental in the original disaster. However, as the blurb says, “the circlet was divided up amongst six companions who took ship and headed for safety when their homeland was destroyed. During the voyage one of the ships vanished but the segment her captain guarded will be needed to complete the Crown.”

Thus you have the premise for a good, old-fashioned quest but also, something very important to me, the book deals with how the main characters face up to the demands made on them.  Book 2 in the series, Firelord’s Heir, was recently reviewed by a Harper Collins editor and they picked up on how each character is a mixture of light and dark with issues to work through. I’m not afraid to kill people off in the books either, though not as regularly as George RR Martin!


Well, that’s good because Martin is positively homicidal, but I also applaud the ability to let characters die. So what are the plans for the future?

I’m currently working on the final book, tentatively called Firelord’s Vow. Several threads will be wound up, there might even be the odd happy ending, but for whom? Even I’m not sure yet!


Your next series is the Mirrorsmith Chronicles, featuring Junah, the brash and wisecracking mirrorsmith who is sworn to seek out the shards of the Dark Mirror before its evil can plunge the world into chaos. You’ve published a short story “teaser” in the Fusion anthology that Breakwater Harbor Books put out. When will the first book be published?

The first full novel is currently doing the round of agents until I get bored of waiting, probably. It’s a standalone, unlike the Firelord books, although I may write a few more short stories of Junah’s adventures. His companion, Sissik the wail (think lemur) is quite popular so she might even get her own tale or two.


What inspired you to write a science-fiction/fantasy hybrid book?

I think I like the idea of a character who is free to move among different worlds, a bit like Dr Who I suppose, where he is from a technologically advanced civilisation whose gadgetry seems magical to less advanced peoples. Again, this likely reflects my love of Moorcock, and Zelazny for that matter, who both did it so well.

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I want to thank Breakwater Harbor Books for inviting me onto their imprint, and especially Scott Toney for helping with promotion of my online launch this morning. I think it’s been highly successful so far and a big part of that was waking up this morning to find Scott had been about his business.

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Front Cover UpdateTomorrow is the online launch of The Willow Branch, now available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Come join me here or on my Facebook page to celebrate and, of course, Twitter, Google + and Tumblr.

I’ll be promoting all day and reblogs, shares and retweets will win coupons for free copies of The Willow Branch. On Twitter, use the hashtags #lelamarkham or #willowbranch.


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“I am extremely honored to officially welcome you in as a member of Breakwater Harbor Books!” Scott J. Toney (Breakwater Harbor Books)

Scott Toney and I have been friends on Authonomy for a long time. He won a mention in my acknowledgements for his help in improving The Willow Branch. Cara Goldthorpe and Scott have both had two books each with long-term placement on my bookshelf.

So I am extremely honored to be asked to join their independent cooperative imprint. This will be a positive development for The Willow Branch.

Now you know why I hadn’t announced an online launch party yet. I was waiting for the official announcement. I’ll be posting an invitation on Facebook this afternoon.

I look forward to working with Breakwater Harbor Books in the coming months and into the future.

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PictureToday, I am meeting with Scott Toney, a prolific author and founder of Breakwater Harbor Books, an independent small-press authors’ cooperative.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Scott —

I am a father, husband, author and barbershop singer. I have a degree in Journalism and Public Relations from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and I utilize the skills honed in achieving those degrees in my writing. Above all things I strive to dedicate myself to my family and faith. Without them, the writing on my pages would be without worth.


When did you write your first story? And what was it about?

Phew, I wrote my first story when I was in Middle School. My neighbor Julie and I would get together and make up stories to go along with the computer game Oregon Trail. I guess you could say it was ‘Fan Fiction’. We had a blast and buried somewhere I’m sure those early stories are still around.


I know you from Authonomy, where your book “The Ark of Humanity” made the Editor’s Desk. I’ve read the Autho versions of Ark and Eden Legacy. Both of those are fantasy, but you also write historical fiction, romance, and Christian lit. What is your favorite genre?

It’s so hard to pick one, as I’m sure is evident when you look at the genres I publish in, but I guess I have two answers. My favorite genre to write in is Fantasy/Sci-Fi because it allows for so much creativity. Literally anything can happen at any time. But when I go back and reread things my favorite genre is Christian. That is perhaps why so much Christianity and faith-based concept shows up in all of my books. NovaForge even has weavings of faith inside.


I think it’s really hard for us to keep our faith to ourselves in something as personal as writing. It’s just too integral to everything we do.

You were one of the writers on Authonomy that first attracted my attention. I think Ark of Humanity is a truly amazing book in part because you conceptualized a world where water was like air is to us. How did you develop that concept? What were some of the challenges you faced in writing that story?

When I wrote The Ark of Humanity I quickly realized that many of the rules that apply to the world above water changed. Even the way a character would speak. We use certain slang  and phrasing that someone under the waves would never have in their vocabulary. I studied up on fish and underwater plant species and the way they interact with one another and made sure I knew about the makeup of things in the sea before I began. I also did a lot of research regarding Noah and The Great Flood to make sure I was as historically accurate as I could be in sections there as well. I probably had the most fun writing The Ark of Humanity and one day I hope to write a sequel, though it is intended as a stand-alone book.


You are self-published through your own author group Breakwater Harbor Books. Can you tell us a little bit about that experience?

Oh, being part of BHB is a blast. We are an Independent Author Imprint and support each other in our books and on our websites. We are currently finishing up our second short work anthology (a Christian one). We bounce ideas off one another often and I have been honored to have the edit assistance of fellow members as well. If you are an independent author then this is the way to boost knowledge of your writing and to be part of a community that is dedicated to each others’ success. One of our authors, Mike Lee, was #1 in overall Kindle book sales on Amazon for a weekend and one of Claire C Riley’s books, Odium II, was recently #1 in the British Horror Fiction Genre.


All of your writing touches on matters of faith. How does your faith influence what you write?

I don’t always set out to insert faith in my books, but faith finds me. That’s because when I think of how I solve problems in my life, my answer is always faith, is always God. That’s why in my books when a character needs the ultimate assist, what better assist than God or faith, and what better way to steer them than the moral course or the course that will get them where they need to be than faith?


Your latest book is Nova  Forge, which was released in May 2014. Tell us a bit about it.

Solaris. A planet like any other, rife with wars, science and love. But at the peak of its civilization, a great meteor fell, bringing long-dead souls to Solaris, souls that had been sustained by the life-force of one lone man, Ineal. 

At the moment of impact, these souls scattered across Solaris, giving inhuman abilities to mortals while scarring their bodies and corrupting their lives.

Samuel was one such man, a man of faith who thought to use his powers to worship his God: he watched his followers, and his planet, die. Seas turned to lava and the skies darkened. And as Samuel’s heart grew weary and angry, he used his powers to manipulate the world to serve him alone.

Samuel became god of a planet whose only life was the symbiotic life so like his own.

Centuries later, he discovered others, threats that had not been on this planet before. A winged woman; a cyborg; a future-seer and a child. A great vengeance burned a comradery between them.

They were souls that could overthrow him. Souls that he would need to destroy.


The genre for NovaForge is Sci-Fi/Fantasy and it is a fast paced work. What I’d say to my readers is that although this is Sci-Fi/Fantasy it also incorporates elements of romance and faith. When you read one of my books you will always be enthralled and surprised.


Where did you get the inspiration for the story?

I’ve always wanted my own Sci-Fi/Fantasy trilogy and now just seemed the right time. My love of Star Wars and Marvel Comics highly inspired me here, as well as the workings of the humanity we are a part of and what humanity becomes when enhanced or wounded.


What are you working on next?

Breakwater Harbor Books’ Christian Anthology is my next release, and I’m in the first quarter of writing NovaForge’s sequel, NovaSiege, which I’m thoroughly enjoying. Many other books are running around in my mind, but those will have to wait at least a year.


How do readers find your books?

The Ark of Humanity – God flooded the earth to annihilate humanity’s sins. What if that sinful race didn’t die when floodwaters covered them but instead adapted to breathe water?




NovaForge – Solaris. A planet like any other, rife with wars, science and love. But at the peak of its civilization, a great meteor fell, bringing long-dead souls to Solaris, souls that had been sustained by the life-force of one lone man, Ineal.

At the moment of impact, these souls scattered across Solaris, giving inhuman abilities to mortals while scarring their bodies and corrupting their lives.

Samuel was one such man, a man of faith who thought to use his powers to worship his God: he watched his followers, and his planet, die. Seas turned to lava and the skies darkened. And as Samuel’s heart grew weary and angry, he used his powers to manipulate the world to serve him alone.

Samuel became god of a planet whose only life was the symbiotic life so like his own.

Centuries later, he discovered others, threats that had not been on this planet before. A winged woman; a cyborg; a future-seer and a child. A great vengeance burned a comradery between them.

They were souls that could overthrow him. Souls that he would need to destroy.


Eden Legacy – Thomas, the young King of Havilah, is drawn to a forest beyond his lands. Here he discovers seven figs, fruit from the long forgotten Eden.

In the land of Cush, Princess Lilya suffers under the rule of her father, until the day when young King Thomas of Havilah invites her away to his lands. There, she hopes to find peace she has never known.

But Thomas has been drawn to a foreign land, to figs he hopes are from Eden and the Tree of Life. When he eats them to heal his wounds things change within him, distorting him in ways he could not predict.

Now Lilya must make a decision. Does she stand by Thomas’s side or act to dispel the evil consuming his soul?

Amidst this world Lilya has befriended a dragon. There are secrets within the beast that could determine all their fates.


Lazarus, Man – This is the story of Lazarus of Bethany, told through tale and tribulation.



PictureHearts of Avon – In Avon, a beach town along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Ben is falling fast for the beautiful and intelligent Caroline, even as they both deal with her stalker ex-boyfriend who has followed her south on vacation.

As Ben learns the depths of the other man’s madness his and Caroline’s relationship runs into another wall, level 3 Hurricane Irene moving quickly toward the Outer Banks. When the storm arrives, all of their lives will be drastically changed.

How will they learn to cope with the consequences? When they are tested with a disaster on the brink of their comprehension, how will they pick up the pieces of their lives?




Author Page –

Breakwater Harbor Books’ Website  –

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