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Reality & the Boston Marathon Bombing   1 comment

I feel horrible for the people who were killed and those who were injured, some of them catastrophically, and for those who had to witness the carnage. My first thought was a horrible one — glad I’m not there. But that’s buying into the terrorists’ primary tool of terror — OUR fear that keeps us from living in liberty allows them to put us in a state of tyranny.


All those who say that ordinary people do not need (name the weapon) to protect themselves need to think about what happened in Boston today. No, guns would not have prevented the bombs going off. But it is indicative of the country we live in that the government is unable to protect us from these sorts of attacks. Whether it be bombings or drive-by shootings or mass shootings, cops are always minutes or hours away when seconds count. The less citizens are empowered to take care of themselves, the more power the terrorists (whether foreign or domestic) have. The more control over our lives we cede to the government, the less power we possess to control our circumstances.

Think about that! This should not make us afraid! It should make us angry! It should make us demand that our government accept that we have the RIGHT to protect ourselves without asking permission from the government. The government is supposed to ask permission from us, not the other way around.


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