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Corralling Liberties is on 99-cent pre-order sale until 7.18.23. It goes live 7.18.23 and costs $5.99 after that.

Surviving the apocalypse was only the beginning.

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The dawn of hope highlights the damage as Emmaus emerges from the deadliest winter in American history.

The fundamental transformation of the United States of America continues as the beleaguered survivors of the apocalyptic winter gather to form a new government, only to recognize the divides are deep and the bickering nations of the American experiment may not be able to manage a grand compromise.

Meanwhile, darker forces wrangle to take their own version of control and put Shane Delaney and his fellow delegates in the crosshairs of danger.

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What would you agree to in order to survive?

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It’s coming! After a bit of a struggle with the scheduled book in the “What If Wasn’t” series, I decided to work on the next book in the “Transformation Project” series – “Corralling Liberties”. Having survived the apocalypse, Emmaus sends a delegation to the constitutional convention, only to discover that someone doesn’t want the end of the world as they knew it to stop.

It’s in final editing phase now and will go to formatting soon, so it’s time to reveal the cover.

And not to worry. The next book in “What If Wasn’t” is back on track and publish toward the end of the year.

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Announcing Pocketful of Rocks – Book 3 of What If Wasn’t — now available on Amazon Pre-Order.

Alyse died in his arms and nobody cares if he’s sorry.

Hitting rock bottom hurts, and when Peter finds himself there for the second time, he shatters. Family and friends disappear, politics and the court system conspire to cancel his future, and Peter himself isn’t sure he wants to survive.

Over a period of months following the boat wreck, Peter learns that being sorry isn’t nearly enough and some broken things can’t be easily mended — even him.

Maybe a pocketful of rocks is the answer to everybody’s problems.  

As he realizes the depths of the damage he’s done, he contemplates whether the solution to his problems might not be a pocketful of rocks.

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The author prompt for this anthology was to write about a bright and/or hopeful future. Check out my contribution “Perspectives”. Solar punk is quite a departure from the apocalyptic Transformation Project universes it is drawn from, but I think I did the future justice.

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Dumpster Fire

Dumpster fires burn hot and show a tendency to spread.

After his red-kryptonite-fueled crash-and-burn last summer, Peter’s walk to redemption is rocky and full of stumbles. Exhausted and fed-up with himself, he hopes returning home to Port Mallory will provide an opportunity to repair his damaged friendships.

Has he earned a second chance?

Ben doubts he’ll ever trust Peter again. Alyse’s new best friend, Lily, sees a lot to admire, but people keep warning about Peter’s bad-boy past. Trevor and Alyse are keeping secrets. Cheyenne doesn’t appreciate the plastic surgery. And, red kryptonite still makes him feel strong while making him oh-so weak.

Peter desperately wants a second chance, but he may not have what it takes to extinguish the dumpster fire his life has become.

Now on Pre-Order for 99 cents.

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Transformation Project Series is on sale for the launch of Winter’s Reckoning. The apocalypse continues as Shane confronts his past face-to-face.

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The 6th book in Transformation Project is slated to launch August 11. Now on preorder with reduced pricing, it continues the story of the series with some truly heartwrenching scenes.

Emmaus faces a reckoning.

As deep winter descends, the fundamental transformation of the world they knew continues in the outside world. Meanwhile, Emmaus faces killing weather, dwindling resources, and the breakdown of community. Some cling to the ragged edge of hope and the demons of his past push Shane toward a long-resisted confrontation.

When death stalks the land, what choices do you have left?

Preorder Winter’s Reckoning

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Image by Aurorawater Publications

Due out August 11, Winter’s Reckoning (Book 6 of Transformation Project) is now on preorder. Watch for the full cover reveal, blurb and discount pricing in the coming days.

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