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Stay Tuned for Writing Wednesday   1 comment

My friend Claire Stibbe is popping in to talk about her just released detective novel The 9th Hour.

And, yes, I am feverishly working on the second book in the Daermad Cycle — Mirklin Wood.

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Claire Stibbe 9th Hour

The 9th Hour on Amazon

Claire Stibbe Launches “9th Hour”   Leave a comment

My friend Claire Stibbe is launching a new book this week.

The 9th Hour is the first in a seven-part mystery series set in Albuquerque. Published by Crooked Cat Publishers, UK, it releases on November 17, 2015.

I have interviewed Claire before on the blog, but I wanted to catch up with her for the new book, so she’ll be here Wednesday for that.

Her book comes out tomorrow and it is a murder mystery, so definitely go check it out on Amazon – The 9th Hour

Claire Stibbe 9th hour woods

Celebrating the Milestones   Leave a comment

Front Cover RedWhen I started the rewrite of Mirklin Wood, I thought I had a few scenes to fill in. I was a bit worried because I only had 90,000 words and epic fantasies just aren’t very epic when they’re skinny. First rewrites are usually about adding words, but I didn’t think I could add 30,000.

But I just passed 100,000 today; I still have two more planned scenes to write. I also just realized that I have completely dropped a story line from The Willow Branch, which drives me crazy when other authors do it to me, so …

120,000 words, here we come!

While you wait The Willow Branch is available on Amazon. Also in paperback.

Stay Tuned for Writing Wednesday   Leave a comment

There will be an interview.

And Life As We Knew It ebook is on sale this week. You save $2 if you buy now.

End Credits by Simon Paul Wilson   1 comment

End CreditsSimon Paul Wilson writes quirky fiction with an Asian flavor —

He’s continuing that fine tradition October 31 with the launch of Ghost City Girl.

Care for some wasabi punk? You won’t regret it!

And stay tuned for my interview with Simon on Wednesday.

Announcing The Anaerris Code (Book 1) by LK Kelley   4 comments

The Anaerris Code: Gem – Book 1

Hi, Lela! Well, here’s the scoop on my new book series as I promised.

LK Kelly Anaerris Code CoverAfter the success of my 5* Trilogy, the White Wolf Prophecy, I decided to write another series. The first question I’ve had is how did I come up with the name, and what does it mean? If you asked me how in the world I came up with the title, the answer is? I have no idea! I knew I wanted a new, and different, title. I opened my mouth, and there it was!

But, what is the Anaerris Code?  Anaerris is one of three moons in a distant galaxy surrounded by the golden  sun of Nerime. Three moons and the races that have been all but wiped out by a great War between the Fallen Angels on two of them, while the beings of the third planet are docile. The one to save all lives on a distant planet that can only be accessed by a special power belonging to the royal houses of the Anaerris.  But, the Anaerris world is betrayed by one of their own. And, they all begin the search for this special person.  Her name?

Gemma Sinclair (Gem), who has no idea that her entire life is about to change forever.

The first book in the series lets the reader follow her growth from human to her true nature. As the above photo says, she is part Human, Nephilim, and Alien – but she that is not enough, for her DNA must change, irrevocably, to fulfill a destiny unlike any other person, or being,  who has ever lived.

All new characters have been introduced into my new book series. Her best friend, Taylor and her mate and two children; Stan and his mate; and finally, a mysterious Professor who teaches history in her small town college, and spends a great deal of time at the local, but private, Library where Gem and Taylor work.  However, “The Library” is not just any library.  A secret resides within, and when Gem discovers it, the journey to her destiny begins, and will not end until the final pages of the series.

LK Kelley Anaerris Code CardPut these altogether with the three moons, a pug named “Lola” (yes, this is Lola, the Bookplug Pug and my PR Agent, in a role just made for her), The bad guys are so bad, their evil knows no bounds whatsoever. Be prepared for them, for their evil will increase throughout the series.

As for Lola?  She is a guard for a neutral race, and she is with Gem to protect her against the evil. All search for the secret found not only in a person, but a crystal, and a special book that have been lost for thousands of years.  All want the crystal and the book, and they want to kill Gem, so that they may obtain that power.

Shocks, betrayals, and surprises are around every corner. And, everyone will discover the truth about all the Earth’s myths and legends as well as the Great Flood, and how it happened! Angels, Nephilim, Aliens, and other surprise beings will keep the reader bouncing from adventure to adventure.

But, who is Gem, really? Not even her friends know the entire story! Follow Gem and her friends as they take on the most evil horde that has ever threatened the destruction of Earth – and all universes!

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Willow Branch Blue White Recreation CoverThe Willow Branch is now on Sale $1.99 through September 30.

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Announcing Upcoming Sale   1 comment

Willow Branch Blue White Recreation CoverThe Willow Branch will on On Sale September 23 – 31. You will save $2. Or it’s FREE right now with Kindle Unlimited.

Reporting on the Thunderclap for The Willow Branch   Leave a comment

Willow Branch Blue White Recreation CoverSo, one day in, I’ve gathered 10 supporters (which is 10% of the way there. They have a combined social media reach of 86,000. If I were to sell books to just 1% of that audience, that’s would be 860 books.

I still have 46 days to meet my goal, so I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished so far.


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