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My blog has been HOT lately, so I thought I’d celebrate by offering a goody – who wants a free book?  Friday is FREE Day and I’ve reduced the others in the series to 99 cents.

Life As We Knew It (Transformation Project Book 1) – FREE

Objects In View (Transformation Project Book 2) – 99 cents

A Threatening Fragility (Transformation Project Book 3) – 99 cents



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Front Cover RedMirklin Wood is FREE Saturday April 9.

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Front Cover RedOne day only. March 16.

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Taste of Mirklin Wood #9   1 comment

This is a final taste of Mirklin Wood, which publishes March 15. It’s on pre-order.

Front Cover RedThe dark rain soaked everything. Gregyn arrived at the dun shivering from wet and exhaustion, only to be intercepted by Werglidd at the gate.

“Come with me immediately,” the court sorcerer ordered. Barely able to stand by this time, Gregyn had not the strength or energy to protest or defend himself as Werglidd compelled him to his tower apartment and barred the door.

“I know it was you, lad,” the middle-aged sorcerer fair sparkled with excitement as Gregyn stumbled to the divan before his legs gave out completely. “I knew Talidd was about to work a high-level ritual. Sawyl has been here purchasing supplies. And, of course, for a ritual of that magnitude, Talidd needed his strongest people. Even an apprentice would do when possessed of your power.”

Gregyn let his head fall back on the divan, allowing Werglidd’s words to wash over him as the chamber spun round him.

“Who were you linked with?” Werglidd asked. Time had passed. Gregyn sensed he’d slept. He felt worse than before. Although normally much stronger than Werglidd and therefore immune to his magicks, Gregyn felt scoured out and beyond the flows of power that had been at his fingertips for most of his life. Werglidd had ensnared him at his weakest. “Who were you linked with, lad? Lying will only cause you pain. I know you were linked, else you’d be dead. How’d you learn that trick? You’re only a Level 2, so you’ve not been taught it. Who were you linked with?”

“Naryna,” Gregyn whispered, lips moving of their own volition.

“A lass?! That shouldn’t have worked. You’re the interesting one, now aren’t you? Well and good then. I’ll keep your secret and you’ll keep mine, if I tell you any.

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Front Cover RedMirklin Wood hit critical mass this weekend. It’s been uploaded and is now available for pre-order with a publication date of March 15. The print book is almost ready to go as well.

A Taste of Mirklin Wood #1   1 comment

Front Cover RedThe paths were filled with daemons of all sizes and shapes, terrible faces contorted in rage
as one after the other they pressed toward Donyl and Pedyr, swinging their bronze weapons to meet their iron. Calm and rational in this irrational situation, Donyl dealt death as no novice at arms had a right, slicing and parrying, arms burning with fatigue. He understood that they were going to die – that had been a given when they saw the hordes upon the paths — but the man at his back deserved better. Here was a Believer, a follower of the One, who trusted his god to save his soul, but did not expect him to save his life. Oath-sworn to see Donyl to his destination or die in the attempt, Pedyr fought a last futile battle for naught but honor. The citadel is within sight! Could not the Denygal god find it to save this most deserving man? Donyl’s rational mind thought this as his exhausted arms continued swinging his sword upon daemon after daemon, with no stop in sight. God I do not know, please save Pedyr.

An air-rending roar filled the gorge and the daemon host ducked as if expecting attack from on high. A terrified keening rolled along the paths, echoing off the cliffs, as a dark winged shape glided out of the moon light and swept low. Donyl screamed as the enormous claws reached down and plucked him free of the ledge.

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Front Cover RedI’ve been working away at Mirklin Wood, Book 2 of Daermad Cycle, and it is almost ready for launch. Which means … it’s time for you the reader to get a few tastes of what I’ve been cooking up.

Some of your favorite characters are back. You may find out how I resolved a few of those cliff-hangers. I’m introducing a few new characters. And … well, you’ll have to tune in to find out.

The loose publication date for Mirklin Wood is March 15 … give or take a panic attack or three.

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Willow Branch Blue White Recreation CoverThe Willow Branch will be on Kindle Countdown January 2-9.

Pick up at great fantasy at a great price.

It’ll be 99 cents for the first couple of days.




Front Cover Red

Mirklin Wood is in edits and picking up beta readers. My goal for publication is March, which probably means it’ll actually be April, but you know, that’s the beauty and horror of self-publishing. If you’re a beta reader and would like to get in on reading a free book and helping to repair some of its flaws, drop me a line at

And if you’re a fan of the Transportation Project, Objects in View is being written because that’s what I do when I take a break from one series, is work on the other one. I am so excited about what happens to the people of Emmaus when the rain stops, which is where I left them at the end of Life as We Knew It.

And did you know I participated in a Breakwater Harbor Books anthology earlier this year? Check out Gateways and see why I love my publishing group. Lots of great authors with wonderfully realized novel realms to explore. My Pivot of Fate has some great company and tells the real story behind a legend alluded to in Daermad Cycle.

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Watch for an interview and hopefully some excerpts from Mirklin Wood.

Stay Tuned for Writing Wednesday   Leave a comment

There’ll be an interview and maybe an update on Mirklin Wood.

And, hey! Watch for a Booktrap event on December 3 and 4. Come celebrate the Magical World of Books.


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