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7 Questions with PJ MacLayne   5 comments

Hey, PJ MacLayne, let’s have a mini-interview.

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Which marketing technique do you favor for your books?

I don’t believe I’ve conquered marketing. I’ve tried blog tours, posting on Facebook readers groups, spreading the word on other social media, and a variety of paid advertising channels. Out of all of them, I’ve had the best luck with Robin Reads. I know there are some bigger companies for advertising, but my budget isn’t there yet.


How do you find inspiration for your novels?

Most of my stories start from dreams. I don’t remember my dreams very often, but when I do, I dream some pretty crazy things. However, some of the minor characters that appeared in Wolves’ Pawn have been bugging me to write their stories. That’s where Wolves’ Knight came from. In the back of my mind, I’m working on a third book for the Free Wolves series. But it’s going to have to wait until I finish two other writing projects.


Self-publish or small publisher? Which one is best?

I won’t say what’s best. I decided to self-publish because I’m old and I don’t want to wait to have my book published. By self-publishing, I can move my projects along at (mostly) my own pace. Plus, I wanted to write stories my way and not based on what someone else wanted in a storyline. I can write what I want to.


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m actively working on two different projects right now. The first is the third book in the Oak Grove Mysteries. It’s tentatively titled “The Baron’s Cufflinks.” Harmony Duprie is back and in trouble again. The other project is a short story for a group anthology of beach stories.


Which 3 songs would you take with you to a remote Alaskan cabin?

Only three? That’s going to be tough. We’ll start with an easy one—Elton John’s Love Lies Bleeding/Funeral for a Friend. Then I’ll go with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Final pick? Annie’s Other Song by John Denver.


Name one of your possessions that you cannot do without.

I had to think long and hard about this. I have a lot I can do without. But there are three things I’d hate to lose. The first is my wedding ring. I hope to still be wearing it when I die. Beyond that, I have two things to pick from. I have a flash drive where I backup all my writing projects, either in progress or completed. I want to hang onto that. The other is the proof copy of my first book. I remember the feeling when I held that for the first time. It can’t be replaced.


Do you believe in an afterlife?

Interesting question. Simple answer is yes. What that will look like, I haven’t got a clue. I don’t believe we’ll all be floating around on the clouds wearing sheets and playing harps. Wouldn’t that be boring? I don’t even know if we’ll have physical bodies. What I think is we will have a sense of happiness and love. Because isn’t that what we all hope for either in this life or the next? Isn’t that heaven?


Check out PJ MacLayne’s books. I’ve said this before — romance with adventure and danger is a great combination.

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