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President Obama delivers remarks during the National Prayer Breakfast, Feb. 5, 2015President Obama never misses an opportunity to bash Christianity.

He used the National Prayer Breakfast to invoke the historical events of the Crusades and the Inquisition.

For the record, the Crusades were conducted by the Roman Catholic Church almost 1000-years-ago in response to Islamic aggression against historically Christian territories, including the southern peninsula of Italy, what is now the Balkan states and Constantinople, the seat of the Orthodox Christian Church. I am far from an apologist for the Roman Catholic Church, but I suspect had it not taken action when it did, we’d all be Muslim today — which matters to those of us who believe in Jesus Christ and should matter to atheists and secularists since Islam generally disapproves of Christians, Jews and atheists.

The Inquisition, Mr. Obama may not realize, was actually more about the Roman Catholic Church ridding its territory of protestant Christians (yes, the little “p” is used intentionally) than it was about Muslims on the Iberian Peninsula. These protestant Christians were people like me who hold our faith in Jesus Christ above our allegiance to an ecclesiastic body. The so-called Spanish Inquisition was a very small, government operation that grew out of the larger Church inquisition.

So, maybe Mr. Obama should at least get his facts straight. “Christians” in general did not conduct the Crusades. Roman Catholicism in association with European nobility conducted the Crusades. I suspect many protestants stayed quietly in their villages and weren’t involved at all. “Christians” in general did not conduct the Inquisition. Roman Catholicism in association with European nobility conducted the Inquisition and it was largely conducted against Christians deemed “heretics” for not following the Church dogmas.

And both of these events happened before the Reformation, which allowed Biblical Christianity to find its own voice and resulted in a deep re-evaluation of itself by the Roman Catholic Church. No Western Christian alive today has ever waged religious war. Unfortunately, some Muslims have … which is not to say that has anything to do with the Muslims who haven’t. That’s exactly my point. Stop trying to hold each other accountable for the actions of others that they cannot control and stop trying to get retribution for things that happened hundreds of years ago. It doesn’t solve anything. This generation cannot go back and change history and so are not responsible for what happened back then. The history is good to know, but ultimately not relevant to our current circumstances. Let’s concentrate on current events ….

While we’re talking about current events …

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