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Exactly what are you freaking out about? Yeah, change is scary! Conservatives discovered this in 2009 as something as intimate as medical insurance and the care it pays for was hijacked by the progressive elements of our country who suddenly had all three branches of government marching in lockstep together over a cliff. taking our grandkids’ ability to choose their own economic path with it. As they piled $12 Trillion in debt onto the existing $9 Trillion in debt, took over 1/6th of the American economy, and dropped drones on American citizens whose politics they disagreed with, progressives wanted to know why we were upset.

Now it’s your turn. Do you understand now? No! Why aren’t I surprised that you don’t see this as two sides of the same tyrannical coin?

Image result for image of donald trumpRight now it seems like half the country is debating Trump’s psychological state, intelligence, actions and intentions, impact and ramifications. Well, at least people are paying attention. I’m guessing prescriptions for Luvox are on the rise. I should check that my retirement account has bought stock in Abbott Pharmaceuticals.

I find Trump somewhat entertaining, though I tend to watch him through my fingers, like a little kid watching a horror movie. His exercise as power as “the leader of the ‘free’ world seems crazy in way too many ways, but then he gets some things right, so I don’t know that I’m not (partially) on his side.

I’m not shocked to find that the exercise of state power is dangerous, evil, unfair, limitless and abusive. Why does it surprise anyone else? Did you folks not live through the Obama administration?

This is not a party thing. I’m a non-partisan. I started out, technically, as a Democrat, spent some time as a functional Republican and am now a libertarian headed toward anarchist, having never actually been a member of any political party. So my critique here is not aimed at the Democrats or the Republicans. Our government, regardless of what party is “in charge” right now, has spent decades eagerly creating a massive, debt-slave-funded domestic bureaucracy chained to an equally massive and abusive foreign policy. Through the public schools and the use of secular religious holidays, they’ve promoted arrogance and aggression around the world, largely supported at home. Every president has conspired against the Republic’s founding principles, slowly chipping away at the Constitution, turning it into a parchment barrier. We the People haven’t been in charge of the country we supposedly self-govern for just about a century. Our government has repeatedly swerved drunkenly between the two ditches of Marxist-flavored totalitarianism and Fascist-flavored authoritarianism so often that this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone … except the dumb-downed American public who prefers reality television and sound-bite news over serious political philosophy discussions.

Seriously, people! Read a history book sometime!

Image result for image of anti-trump riotsThe politically active in both parties have all labored diligently to create the problems that are part and parcel with statism, which folks on both sides of the aisle are now blaming Trump for.

Hypocrites, wake up and smell the burning coffee. It’s not Trump’s fault. He’s merely exploiting the monster we created. This is the government you’ve been trying to create, so don’t act surprised that it’s here. That includes Alaskans, who happily take federal tax redistributions and then whine about federal overreach. That money comes with strings. Why are you surprised to discover that strings bind?

Large swathes of angry people who apparently paid no attention to anything other than fleeting headlines and cat memes have come alive in their frustration. Oh, my god! Our president is a narcissist who puts his ignorance out on Twitter. Dogs will be mating with cats any day now! Really? You didn’t hear Obama say “Elections have consequences” and then proceed as if the “other half of the country” didn’t have any say in government? Once people got over their “I’m not a racist so I have to vote for the black man” stupor, they were bound to “set things right” by voting for the other end of the spectrum.

Trump, compared with Hillary and Gary Johnson, is apparently the best America can produce through an election. Some of us saw that coming two decades ago when it was Clinton against Bush 1 and we voted for Ross Perot because the lesser of two evils was unacceptable to us.

Trump is unique in fulfilling his campaign promises. Go, Trump! I may not agree with some of the promises, but I applaud a politician who actually listens to the concerns of the people who put him in office. He has so far been using executive power to shrink and reverse legislation. For the first time in my cognizance, we have a president appointing actual people with skills and/or passions to posts of government, rather than throwing someone in there based on patronage. More importantly, he’s inserting these people into agencies that they have criticized in the past … suggesting they might actually work to improve those agencies. How unusually experimental! That’s never been done in my lifetime … not in the US anyway.

Bureaucracies don’t reform themselves. They require a change in leadership for that to happen. The world will not end if government is reduced, if bureaucracies are reformed, if we treat our allies as if they are business partners rather than younger, stupider siblings in need of our “wise” guidance. Could Donald Trump turn out to be power-hungry and corrupt, an icon of an arrogant emperor. Oh, yeah!

But why should we be surprised by that. He wouldn’t be the first president to succumb to the power of the presidency. He’ll only be the first one in recent decades where we the people widely recognize those characteristics in a president. This is nothing new. Power corrupts and the absolute power of the US presidency tends to corrupt absolutely. Just check out Obama’s executive orders during his last days in office. If you’re honest, you’ll see what I mean. What we are watching today is how an all-consuming state behaves. You just liked it better when Barack Obama was doing it to advance of your agenda. The thing is, the other half of the country didn’t like it then, so they voted to change directions.

Fascism seems to be the label so many upset people want to place on Trump, but let’s be honest — our government has long been a crony capitalist state, able, willing and eager to take by hook, crook and force, whatever it wants from any citizen or non-citizen alike. The last president who didn’t do that was Calvin Coolidge. This is old news. We were a fascist state under Obama as much as under Trump and Hillary Clinton owes a lot more to Wall Street than Trump does, so it wouldn’t have been any different if she had won.

If you love the glory of the state, then Donald Trump ought to be your president, because he is the perfect man to lead a robust, arrogant state. I suspect he might also be the perfect president to destroy it.Certainly those riots in the street in an attempt to circumvent the republican principles of American democracy makes it look like a possibility. Trump may well become the nexus of what brings our house of cards down in a resounding crash. And, I don’t see that coming civil dissolution as a necessarily bad thing.

The era of bread and circuses has been headed toward collapse for a long time, but it is going away. Maybe we’re done with throwing rocks at one another, we’ll admit it’s time for an amicable divorce. The blue states can take their stuff and the red states can take their stuff and we can move to two or 50 separate households, or maybe the cities can go it alone until they realize they need the rural resources in order to survive.

Image result for image of freedomHowever, we do it, it leaves us with a fresh opportunity to find better ways to live. Maybe not bossing our neighbors (foreign and domestic) around will once more come into vogue. It’s possible that without the government nanny to decide what is right behavior and who can have what or how much, we’ll actually learn how to talk to one another again. Imagine cooperating as communities instead of tearing each other apart through the proxy of federal agencies. We could seek our own desires and fulfill our own needs, yet also help our neighbor from our prosperity rather than the government’s hand in our pocket.

Yeah, I’m stopping there because I don’t want to sound too much like John Lenon. Let’s just take a deep breath and pause for a moment and realize that the state has been headed to this crisis for a long time and now that we’ve arrived at the destination, we shouldn’t be surprised, but we ought to be prepared for what could come after ….

The chance for actual freedom … if we’ll embrace it … if we can keep it.

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